T'was the night before Ship date

Twas the night before ship date. the hustle and bustle of team 66 was stirring all through GM, they had created a winning robot. On the last walk through the plant they all shouted MERRY SHIP DATE AND TO ALL GOOD LUCK. LOL i was bored i know it’s corny but any ways good luck to all and may you all get to bed At a decent time tonight.god bless.

Sorry everyone… I read the title to this thread, and couldn’t help it-

Twas the night before ship date, and all through the shop,
everyone was working, trying to beat out the clock.
the drill bits and taps placed on the shelf with care,
In hopes that the electronics team soon would be there.

The programmers fell sleep, reading Chiefdelphi threads,
while vision tetras and autonomous code danced in their heads.
Heads on their keyboards, dreaming of how to cap,
They’d just figured out how high they can stack.

When out from the practice field came such a noise,
They awoke, looked around and said “what’s going on guys?”
Off to the player stations they flew like a flash,
“Looks like the robot’s software just had a crash.”

The “Code error” light gave off a red glow,
while a smoke plume curled up from a fisher price below.
When much to surprised eyes should appear,
but the ghost of Dave Lavery, with the toys of an engineer!

With CMU cam and calipers firmly in hand,
We knew in a moment it was really the Mars Man.
More rapid than a free speed CIM his tools all came,
And he whistled and called them all out by name:

Now bridgeport! now wire strippers! now random drill press!
On grinder! on lathe! on welder and band saw!
To the top of the arm! To the top with the sawsall,
Now chop away! chop away! chop away all!

As aluminum shavings flying off the mill,
when they met with a problem, they’d break out the drill.
So up to the tetra grabber with design changes they flew,
With Inventor printouts, and Lavery too!

And then with a spark, they made the decision,
They’d have to rebuild the entire transmission.
The fisher prices ended up being useless,
With them in the drive, they kept blowing fuses.

There still was the drive system that came in the kit,
And it could be assembled in just a little bit.
A bundle of CIMs were flung on the table,
They just hoped their chasis was stable.

The chain, how it twinkled, the sprockets so sturdy,
As the gears came together, they began to not worry.
The dual CIMs all locked right into place,
And as time rolled on, their hearts began to race.

The ring lugs were screwed on the Victors so tight,
and the pneumatic fittings didn’t even put up a fight.
The breaker was switched on, and the fans started to spin,
And alas! No smoke! There’s a good chance they can win!

The robot was tall, and had a high CG,
Who ever said these six weeks would be easy!
With a wink of an eye, and some much longer chain,
The arm’s motor was on the drive train’s plane.

Dave spoke not a word, and he started to work,
And tensioned the chains, with a quick little jerk.
When he was done, out came some Krispy Kremes,
and I knew at that point, it was all just a dream.

As I awoke, I heard a loud bang,
And Dave drove away like a synapse in my brain.
But I heard him yell out, and it gave me a fright,
"Happy Ship Day to All, You’ll Sleep Well Tonight!!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. hahaha

'Twas the night before ship date and team 38 clearly had nothing to keep them busy.

hehe great idea Travis and awesome poetry Marc!

wow, that is a beautiful piece of poetry

haha, I love it :]

lol, that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Yeah, so Marc’s poem clearly states that he isn’t here at the shop working with us right now :ahh: … Although there is a hustle and bustle going on… the robot is complete and now we are just making it gorgeous. :cool: Props to Marc on his creative mind and oh how I missed it during the actual programming sessions. Obviously he was home working on this poem and just waiting to post it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Good Luck to everyone and try to get some rest tonight.

Nice poem. Saved me the trouble of composing one.

We crated our robot Saturday after the practice tournament. Sunday-Tuesday were supposed to be for fixing the problems we discovered Saturday, but the thing worked, so we just voted on a name and boxed it up. We need to do some decorating in Portland, but unless it breaks in shipping it should be good to go. (The programmers still don’t have the autonomous code done, but they are testing with last year’s 'bot.)

My warmest wishes to those pulling an all-nighter tonight. Enjoy your Godfather’s Pizza, Krispy Kremes, Nacho Doritos and Mountain Dew.

twas the night before ship date…what!!! today is night before ship date!!! I thought it was next week, well, g2g work on the robot now.

wow the poem brought a tear to my eye

Busy programming right now, all four of us. Yay for all-nighters. Gotta get back to work now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go ahead, by all means. :slight_smile: That was pure genius.

Whee. Stayed up late to do some last-minute tweaking without coffee to aid the task of remaining awake. By the time we’d finished for the evening there were only 4 students and 2 mentors left who hadn’t yet run off home.

twas the night before ship date, and no one had booked the crate pickup…
twas the day of the ship date, and the pickup is booked by phone 7:30 in the morning for “sometime before 5pm”

…and some of us who left slightly earlier ended up stranded in the City due to the last bus not turning up :o

Been a fun 6 weeks, now how much did it all cost… ::Goes off to nag the team AGAIN!::

yay for staying at school till 2am blasting Queen on my laptop! w00t

R0b07!c5 is 1337

Wow- that was lovely. Obviously you had a bit of time in your hands after the bustle of ship date and all. I’m still trying to get used to coming directly home after school every so often and eating with real silverware off of plates that one doesn’t typically throw away. Pretty weird…

‘twas the morn’ OF THE SHIP date an all throught the shop, every creature was hurring, 'tho most looked ready to drop.

man. we finished at about 6am the morning of the ship date (only 4 of us lasted that long) and then had a nice hour long sleep (6:30-7:30) on campus before school started. pity us. :slight_smile: (it came out real nice tho!) :smiley:

With 4 days till Christmas, I thought it’d be fun to bring this old thread back up.

T’was the night before kickoff, and all across the web, mice were scurrying, clicking on CD and usfirst. The hint threads were ablaze, as we all waited with egger delight for build season to begin, and Dave laughed at us with a picture of a banana and a Muhahahahahaha:smiley:

‘Twas the night before Kick Off and all through CD
The teams are a’puzzlin’ and Dave’s filled with glee.
The students are waiting for Kick Off’s reveal
In hopes that the 2008 game’s a thrill.

The team members scratch their heads with the clues,
As visions of sensors and cameras start yet anew.
And grandmothers smile at the teams with delight
As knowledge and kindness are shared through the night.

And out of the KoP box may come news:
The dlavery offer of pun-ridden clues
Was indeed helpful for all who partook
Though he laughed and he giggled and his belly, it shook.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Is helping the northern teams wait with a glow
As hot cocoa and marshmallows diversify systems of
Thought – well yes and no.

The drivers are chomping to start world wide
In the quest for the robots that will bring home the prize.
When what to their wondering eyes should appear
The clues - they are good ones, the answers not near.

Now mentors! Now students! Now sponsors and all!
On teamwork! On FIRSTers! Let’s all have a ball!
To the Kick Off we go, to the game challenge, haste!
Not a moment to dally, not a moment to waste!

Not as leaves that before the hurricane fly,
When teams meet with challenge, they continue to strive.
No problem too large or too small overlooked
The teams are quite ready to build by the book.

They’ll follow the rules, to the manual they’ll go
When questions are asked and they just don’t know.
The FIRST Q&A is another great source
After teams have researched and studied, of course.

Our eyes, how they’ll twinkle and sparkle before
The six weeks’ build has them begging to snore.
Well, the nose snores that’s true - but the eyes, they must close
In order to sleep or to rest or repose.

No grumbling, arguing, fighting allowed –
Remember that Gramma, we must make her proud.
Our mentors are waiting, our students are, too –
This Kick Off will rock, I can feel it, can’t you?

The punster, the jokester, the right jolly elf –
Is happy and waiting for Kick Off, himself.
The new animation is coming along
That is - if nothing, no nothing, goes awfully wrong.

Our hats off to FIRST and thanks, GDC!
For making the season just what it should be:
A season to recognize science, math, and more
Technology, education, and robots that score!

It’s time to anticipate what this all means
The magic and drama the challenge will bring.
Wishing all a good build and experience that’s great
Here’s to all of our teams and to FIRST 2008!

Borrowed from and with a nod to - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore

Now if this doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit you truly are a SCROOGE!!!

Just wonderful, Jane! :slight_smile: