Twin Highway 8 West of Calgary

In the last few days in Calgary, highway 8 has claimed the life of 2 teens. I hate to bring it up on Delphi but I knew one of these guys, he was a great person, and I am doing my best to make sure this doesn’t happen a third time in the near future. If you have a moment, please sign the petition to twin Highway 8.
#RIPDustinPeers #RIPChaseHudye #TwinHighway8

Signed. I’m so sorry to hear about the two teens who perished on this highway. My father works for the city I live in, and even agrees that this was the city/county’s fault. This highway needs to be fixed, and it will.

How many signatures do you need?

I am not entirely sure of how many are needed. The more the better, thanks for signing.

Now that some time has passed since the unfortunate accidents referenced in the original post, I wanted to delicately raise a few points about this kind of grassroots effort. Some of this advice better addressed to the author, not to you, but I think the last point is worth discussing here.

Firstly, the petition needs to be checked for accuracy and grammatical correctness. If one fails to put the premier’s first name and last name in the right order, it reflects poorly upon the whole effort. (While fixing that, it might not hurt to name the minister of transportation too.) Poor English skills are forgivable, but the petition’s author needs to recognize that shortcoming and get help with copyediting.

Next, there’s the issue of clarity: the petition asks something different than what’s requested in the preamble. Is twinning “the construction it requires”? Then say so in the petition, because that’s what the government will receive.

And that brings me to the last point: is twinning the highway the right solution? Is it even a good solution? If you trust the professionals in the ministry of transportation, let them do their jobs. Let them decide if the considerable expense of widening the highway is justified based on a rigourous analysis. By all means, lobby the minister to make that traffic study a priority, and review their findings to make sure they’re doing a thorough job, but be willing to accept that it’s not always feasible to throw money at risk to make it go away—after all, I bet the government has lots of worthwhile alternative uses for the many millions of dollars that widening the highway would cost.

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