Twitch Channel Assignment

Is there any way to figure out which Twitch channel is assigned to which regional ahead of time? We would like to get an email out to our supporters. Even the TBA does not have a webcast assigned yet, so we cannot even send them to the specific webcast there. (Yes, we can send them to the homepage of TBA, but we want to make it as easy as possible to find us.)

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The Twitch channel assignments are live ahead of time on the FRC-events site. You can see the channels for your next event here: CASF FRC Event Web : Event Information


Has webcast info:

Doesn’t have it yet:

The webcast channel travels with the truck. If you can figure out where else the field your event has been, then you can figure out the channel you’ll be on… but better to hold off and be certain :slight_smile:

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While from my observations this has been true this year, this hasn’t been true every year. Wouldn’t rely on it, and the best place to double check is the FRC-events site listed above. It looks like both of 5507’s events are on the same truck according to my information, so more than likely they’ll be on the same set of channels, but again, not necessarily a confirmation.

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