Twitter clue

Here what I think is a clue on Twitter.

The building across the street from HQ’s loading dock. Has game hint 2 been here all along?

And the game hint would be…?

its not really a hint. Jess was near the HQ loading dock and saw that across the street. Its just red & blue alliance.

The red and blue of the windows. I’d assume so. Unless that one is white.

Or we’re getting a product placement game sponsored by Lexus and Jeep.

3 alliances? Red, white and blue windows.

I do recall a bunch of LEDs ordered in the first hint

Two Alliances separated by a large “hump” ? The Jeep attracts my attention as possibly saying that the robots climb over said “hump”.

How mad would we be if that wasn’t actually a list of things to put on the field and was actually a list of things to trick out the first HQ.

We actually don’t know what the parts were for. All we know is that Rockwell donated those parts. They could end up on fields, in Kit of Parts, or even in FIRST HQ.

In that case Id be wondering what they’re doing with all the PolyCarb and tape…

It was posted by someone who is a passionate supporter and volunteer, but does not work for FIRST. How is that a clue, at all? I’m sure Jess didn’t mean for this to be a hint discussion. :slight_smile:

Edit:: Also, the building isn’t FIRST’s building, it’s one across the street. Something FIRST wouldn’t have access to. Just so you don’t spend too much time on non-clues … now you can all go back to the real one! :smiley:

Come on guys…Don’t you decorate your rooms on the eve of kickoff? :wink:

now ur just over analyzing…

I would suggest reading Libby’s post (two before yours). Jess Boucher, who originally tweeted the message and picture, intended it to be a joke about a coincidence.

No I am not over analyzing I am trying to find any clue possible

This isn’t one. See Libby’s post (and note that the 2 hours Kara refers to have two days added to them by date).