Twitter score updates (not FRC)

Hey, I am interested in doing something very similar to what FIRST is doing with scores via twitter, but with WGI (

The scores are posted to a page like this.

Now, I have already successfully filtered out the scores I want, but I would like to get this via text message (thus where twitter comes in). As I was typing this, I also thought of using PHP to send the results via email to my phone, so stop me if that will work better.

The trouble is this- I would like to be able to send a text requesting specific information.
For example a text saying “Irondale-MN Regional-Finals” would would get a response with Irondale’s finals score at the Minnesota regional.

I am pretty sure I could effectively use the response to display the right information by myself, but I have no idea how to set up the text messaging to the php script.

Any help?

I use cURL to send messages to Twitter like this:

FIRSTSC is the twitter account
:“xxxxxxxxxxx” is the password
status = is the message to send

C:\bin\TBAFetch\CURL.exe --basic --user FIRSTSC:“xxxxxxxxxx” --data status=“Qual 18 [16:80] R: 2430-21-2187 B: 3025-1379-1730 #frc

Not sure if that is what you are looking for…s