Twitter to follow teams.

With most of our team and parents not being able to attend The Championship Event in Atlanta, I wanted to find a way to keep them informed of the action almost real time. Looking at several options, I found that I could twitter from my cell phone. So we created a twitter account called FRC399.

This way our team members and parents back in California can follow the team action as fast as we can update it. I was wondering if any other team has set up a similar twitter account?

IF we can all be consistent in the naming FRC####, we can follow teams of our choice. It is as easy as typing a quick 140 character text message.

Think about it for your team and post your twitter name here, I will keep a list and post a list before Atlanta.

Edit: I found other threads started on Twitter this year, but never seemed to go very far, most were personal accounts.

I created our team’s Twitter account before this, so it is Team910 instead of FRC910.

Also, it is no longer in my control so don’t blame me for it not having been updated with States. I’m sure we’ll update it come the off-season.

We lack alacrity when it comes to signing out of our own accounts, signing in to team account, and then posting an update. Should get better when update gets implemented to our team’s website.

I think a standard like what the Original Poster stated of FRC#### would be perfect

you can change your twitter username by going on the website and from the homepage, clicking settings, and then proceeding to change your username. (this will also change the twitter URL… ie from wwwDOTtwitterDOTcomSLASHuser1 to wwwDOTtwitterDOTcomSLASHuser2 etc.)

the people who you follow and the people that follow you will not be affected (unless their replying or direct messaging your.)

Ok, changed.

Team 604 has one:

I haven’t talked to my team about it, so I don’t know if we’ll use it or if we have a use for it, but I registered @FRC1714.


I’m still not really sure what Twitter is, but I figure if it’s good enough for Shaq, Taylor Swift and Brutus Buckeye, it’s good enough for the Simbots.

In case people missed it, FIRST also set up an account for the championship.


I’m liking all the FIRSTers joining Twitter today, looks like we are killing it though… Twitter is super unstable today, the failwhale is out in full force.

I think we should use this

Tag your team accounts “#FRCTeams” or something and then your personal accounts with “#FRC

Just an idea.

Its a great idea! Its usually really hard to find people on Twitter, makes it a lot easier.

FRC Team 2621

Thanks Libby, saw you guys and figured we might as well join.


P.s. Good Luck at IRI.

I’m such a loser.

Team 1086 is on Twitter.

We’re on Facebook, too!

Well, since this thread is back up, I’ll post 190’s: