Twitter/Website Integration

I got the evaluator comments on our website a while back, and one of the things they mentioned was adding a Twitter feed. So now that I have a little bit of downtime, this is one of the things I’m working on. However, I have two questions on doing this. 1) does anyone have a method they’d recommend for feeding Twitter to a website, and 2) does anyone know of a way to post to Twitter besides their website and texting? We can’t access it from the school network, and I personally don’t have a text plan that would really work for something like this

If you go here: you can find the code to add your Twitter feed to your website.\

Here is a site that lets you send tweets via email:

You can also use apps like Tweetdeck to send/receive tweets, but if you can’t access the twitter site, you probably cannot install an app like Tweetdeck on your schools computer.

Good luck and enjoy

Thanks Richard! This should be all I need to get this set up, since it is possible to get email in some form or another at the school. I’m kind of surprised I never noticed that goodies link though… Anyway, thanks again for the quick reply. I guess I’ll start figuring out implementation…