Two Breakouts

So I had a question about wiring up more than one pneumatic breakouts. We have two wired up but the RoboRIO is only reading/seeing one of them. Any ideas on why this is or how to fix this?

Do you have them both wired through the CAN network?

Can you see two if you go to roboRIO-2557.local in your web browser? If so, what are their CAN addresses?

Yes we do. They are both wired through the CAN network and when we access the viewer for the RoboRIO, we are only seeing one of the breakouts (ID being 0)

What are the lights on each device doing?

If you have two PCMs on the bus with the same ID they will show up as one device. The “Software Status” will report “There are two devices with this Device ID”. Use the webdash to change it’s ID and then full-refresh the browser so the treeview updates.

This is better explained in section 2.2 of the Talon SRX Software Reference Manual. Even though you are using PCMs, the webdash features are the same for PCM and Talon for the most part.

I’m not a CAN expert, but I think that all PCM’s have the same CAN ID. If you want two, then you have to modify one of them to have a different CAN address.

However, why do you need more than one PCM? If you need to run more solenoids, then use the PWM outputs. The MXP port gives you access to 10 to 15 more ports.

And how do you suggest they convert a 5v pwm signal into the required 12/24v a solenoid runs on?

Good point. I forgot about that. It would be expensive to use spike relays.

I think the instructions to change the CAN BUS ID of the PCM is here:

Then, in your software, there should be a way to create a second Pneumatics process with the 2nd ID.