Two Camera Implementation

We are trying to implement two cameras this year on the robot - one will always stream back to the dashboard, and the other should not stream, but only be used on the roboRIO for vision processing. We set up code in as can be seen in the first snippet. However, we have a problem where the driver camera (“gearCam”) will stream to the dashboard fine, but when probing the image for the aim camera, it doesn’t actually get an image.

If any other part of our code is needed, I’ll be happy to show that.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I have not personally tried to do this but going through a little checklist I would say put the update status inside the for loop and close the camera. To me the problem seems like the vision gets enabled once but the doesn’t get told that its enabled after that. I could be wrong, as I said I have not personally done anything like this.