Two CD-Media suggestions

So today on a whim, I decided to try and find photos of the old 1083 on CD-Media. I knew George Wallace had uploaded more, so I went to search and found a tremendous amount of pictures that weren’t tagged with anything beyond a year. I tried to tag as many as I could, but this is one of those things that takes a lot of manpower…and hey, the off-season is coming, right? :wink:

The search led me to two ideas:

  1. Is there any way to enable a URL-based listing of photos by user as there is for tags? For example, I can go directly to without any search. I’d imagine a by-user URL would look like instead.

  2. Can the list of special searches (the ones for untagged photos, etc.) be expanded to include listings of photos likely to be under-tagged? For example, most photos I’ve seen qualify for at least a couple of tags (a photo of our robot this year would be tagged frc1618, robot, and 2007), while the import only gave most of these under-tagged photos one tag or less (usually just a year). By the same token, perhaps a listing of photos tagged “regional” or “off-season competition” with four or fewer tags would work there? And, obviously, a WAI should have at least two tags.

Interesting ideas … I’ll keep those in mind for the summer when I improve the CD-{Media,Events,Swap} stuff, integrate them with each other more, and add some others systems.

Yeah Billfred, Brandon has to fix CD when I break it first… :wink:

If I can add one more to the list.

When I type in FRC1504 it’s not terrible because we only have 1 page of photos. But when I type in FRC111 I get about 3 pages and they aren’t really in any order. Is there any way that you can make them go by upload date? Or at least give me the option to sort them as such? With all the tie-dye, sometimes it’s tough to differentiate years using thumbnails!

Beth: yeah, search results right now are flaky (duplicates, no order, etc.) A more flexible results screen is in the works, too.

What about multiple tag searches? For instance when I was searching for the team 25 2004 arm the other day I could search for frc25 or 2004 but not both, so I ended up going through about 100 pages of 2004 images before realizing it wasn’t there…

So I tried to go to the second link and I got a page that said I don’t have sufficient privileges to view it. Is this a real link, or one that is wanted to show? Also, I like how it says, “Are you trying to edit someone else’s post?”

Also. When someone creates a thread about a picture. Can we have to so the description of the picture is included in the thread?

I’d hate to put too much on your shoulders, Brandon. If you can’t get around to this, that’s fine. You’ve already done plenty of wonderful things.

That’s definitely on the list – I can do it, but I’d like to make it so if the picture is updated, the thread is updated as well … which adds a little work, too. One day this will happen.

Alright, one more idea. I’ve been slogging through the more recent photos on CD-Media, and it’s becoming rather obvious that folks aren’t reading the guidelines on tagging. ‘team 1234’ this, ‘5678’ that, the ever-lovely ‘Palmetto’, et cetera.

Would it be possible to have someone (maybe CD-47Bot, since I’m sure it’s rather bored lately) send a PM to users if a tag they added is voted down, with the comments the voters left? I’m sure that the mistagging isn’t malicious, just out of ignorance or misunderstanding of the procedure…and an automated PM would seem like the best way to try and fix that.

I had planned on a ‘My Tags’ page which showed the voting progress of tags you’ve added. I could add an option to let a PM be sent, if the user opted in. I don’t want to annoy anybody.

Another thing is, for some of them, I can build in aliases. For instance, if you tag something with ‘wai’, it will know you meant ‘Who Am I?’. If there are some consistently spelled wrong, or two tags that really mean the same thing, we can alias them. This is going to be a built in ‘suggest an alias’ function, but I haven’t gotten around to getting it in there yet. I can add them manually though, so if you see any major ones, send me a PM with the two and I can add it.

And then you can do it like on w00t!

refurb -> refurb r0x0r!
BOC -> Bandoliers of Carrots

lol. Seriously, I like the idea ‘My Tags’ page idea.