Two drive cams or single drive cam that can pan 180?

Due to a mechanism failure during our first competition (the students adapted very well - kudos to them!), we’re doing some redesign that will involve operating on both front and back sides of the robot (only one side at once given rules).

A drive camera view is desired, and I’m curious which approach teams use… Just two cameras and switch them or maybe single camera on a servo that can point both directions. Thanks.

I’d suggest two cameras and a button to switch between them. Putting the camera on a servo is doable, but you have to make sure the connection is stiff enough that the camera won’t be shaking around as the robot is driving. And the positioning likely won’t be accurate enough if you ever want to do vision processing of the image.

The roboRIO has two USB ports and there are code examples on how to switch one stream between multiple cameras. If you’re only ever using one camera at a time, there’s no need to worry about increased bandwidth usage.

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