Two Drivers

So I have looked through the rules but I have found nothing where they are talking about having more than one driver. Our team wants to have one guy that controls the robot and another who controls the ball launcher. But before we commit to this we want to make sure it is allowed.

You are allowed to have two drivers; what you want to use them for is up to you. You can have one guy drive the other be the operator, or you could have one guy control the left half and the other the right (why you would want to do this is unclear). It’s completely up to you.

Each FRC team provides up to four Players (a Coach, two Drivers and an Inbounder). Prior to Match start, each Player must be in their Alliance Station and behind their Starting Line, except Alliances may elect to have an Inbounder in the Kinect Station during Hybrid. The Coach must wear the designated “Coach” pin or button during the Match.
Violation: Match will not start until the situation is corrected.

Ok thank you for the answer