Two Game Piece Cycle

I believe that different game pieces are cycled every two years. Here is my evidence:
2003: Stack Attack: Totes
2004: FIRST Frenzy: Balls
2005: Triple Play: Tetras
2006: Aim High: Balls
2007: Rack N’ Roll: Pool Tubes
2008: Overdrive: Track Balls
2009: Lunacy: Moonrocks (the whole game counts- that game was designed by a lunatic.:wink: :wink: )
2010: Breakaway: Soccer Balls
2011: Logo Motion: FIRST Logo Pool Tubes
2012: Rebound Rumble: Foam Basketballs
2013: Ultimate Ascent: Frisbees
2014: Aerial Assist: Yoga Balls
2015: Recycle Rush: KoP Totes
2016: FIRST Stronghold: Balls
2017: FIRST Steamworks: Plastic Gear and Wiffle Balls

I’d say next year FIRST breaks the cycle and goes for another tube game.

Don’t ruin my newfound cycle :eek: :mad: :mad:

2018: Some sort of ball game that may mix in a second element
2019: Tubes or an oddball element
2020: Footballs

Could see that :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’m still waiting on a game of pick up sticks. I got close to the pool noodles in '15, but the robots didn’t pick them up… some day.

the GDC will never pick footballs (though they would be a really interesting object to manipulate). Maybe Rugby balls.

my guesses for next year are large trackball type, or tube type. I"m leaning tube type because we haven’t had an intricate manipulation game in a while.

It’s been noted before.
I think this is the most recent thread:

You’re not the first to notice this. Search for “Two year game theory”, “Four year game theory”, or even “Three year game theory” for various patterns people have noticed. Here’s my pet pattern:

  • The primary game piece has been spherical in every even numbered year so far, going all the way back to 1992 Maize Craze. Some odd years have spherical or quasi-spherical game pieces, but ALL even years so far have simple spheres for game pieces.
  • 4n+3 years have had placement games (stacking or hanging) going back to 2003 Stack Attack, with 1999 Double Trouble on the bubble.
  • 4n+1 year games have introduced something new and (at least at the time) bizarre game element back to 1993 Rug Rage, and **two **
    such elements since 2009 Lunacy. While inner tubes made several reappearances, Water-filled balls, Xvs0, tetras, regolith, robot-pulled goals, frisbees, multi-stage climb, gears, and rope climb have to date only been seen once.

Why do you think so? Just because they’d be somewhat hard to get outside of the US?

(Although, “somewhat hard to get” hasn’t stopped them before, see this year where the main game piece was custom made for the game.)

Fuel in this game being so low-value has basically saved the concept of the “ball/non-ball” cycle… maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all? :ahh:

I have to say, I really want to see football happen… but it doesn’t have to be normal NFL sized…

Yea, it would probably end up being Nerf style small foam footballs akin to what they did for rebound rumble. The game would likely be amazing, the challenges of intaking a non-spherical object consistently/launching it consistently would be awesome.

I think were on track for another tube game with an open floor. I would love to see some non spherical ball, or a smallish ball with some actual heft to it. Hula hoops would also be interesting.

Truth is, I feel like this cycle is about to go out the window considering the new Disney partnership and game themes. There will likely be an oddball element much more often to fit in with whatever theme is chosen (such as “gold bars” if we got a pirate game or “cages” if we got an animal game), but there will still be a good amount of ball games mixed in. I actually have no idea what kind of theme FIRST could pick that included footballs, although they better appear in the next 3 years (preferably 2020) :wink:

There hasn’t yet been a year where the game piece was a cloth, was there? I feel like that could make for a good game and figuring out how to best manipulate them could be an interesting design challenge. As far as I know, there also hasn’t been a game in which you manipulate sticks/rods (not counting pool noodles in Recycle Rush, as the robots themselves didn’t pick the noodles up), which I think could make for a good game piece as well. Some other types of game pieces I don’t think we’ve had yet are footballs (as people have already mentioned), shuttlecocks/birdies, hats (maybe cowboy hats in a western themed game?), and slinkies.

Closest I can think of is the floppies in 1999. We had to make our own for testing. It was a inner tube shape made of fabric filled with packing peanuts. The donut hole and the outer rim had velcro loop material. Part of the game was that you had to hold them fully above 8 feet at the end of the match, so constraining a drooping floppy was part of the challenge.

Ooohhh, like folding sheets? Or ironing shirts? I could use one of those robots after the season is over…

I want to see them use those nerf footballs that whistle when you throw them, and allow teams to hold a lot of them. The sound would be amazing