Two joystick "Tank" style driving-Need help!


I just started with Labview today and have been looking up tutorials. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to drive “tank” style, as in Left Joystick controls left motor, Right Joystick controls right motor.

Yea, I’m new at this…

Thanks in advance!


Please explain what you have done, what worked and what didn’t.

Greg McKaskle

I haven’t tried much…I’ve tried looking this up but nothing I’ve seen fits my specific situation. I haven’t been able to try much because I don’t much yet.



Try going to the Getting Started window, left edge, click on Support, then Find FRC Examples, the Robot and Motor, and there is something in there called Tank Drive Example.

Greg McKaskle

Is the getting started window located in the FRC Labview home screen?

I can’t find it :confused: Man I’m dumb :frowning:

Please don’t call yourself or anyone else dumb. These are tools used by professionals, and many things in FIRST are not easy – but they are rewarding.

You can find the Getting Started window when you first launch LV, when you close the last document and/or project window, or by going to View and towards the bottom is the Getting Started Window.

You can also find the Example finder in the Help menu, but it opens at the top, not to the FRC examples.

Greg McKaskle

Thank you for taking the time to help!