Two More Falcons Graduate from ASU!

Ingrid Tay and Mabel Munoz, to former Falcons graduated from ASU today. Ingrid in Mechanical Engineering and Mable in Biomedical. Mabel was the recipient of the Alaire Award when we won Chairman’s at Championships

Please pass along my sincerest congratulations. Your students are my idols.

Congragulations to Ingrid and Mable. and all FIRST alomni Graduating from college this year

Look out world! Falcon Robotic’s students are here to change you for the better.

Congratulations Ingrid and Mabel!

Fredi -

Please write a book. We all want to read it.

Funny you should mention that… I have started but life keeps getting in the way. I will push forward with it though. I think I have collected enough experiences to make it interesting.

I would also like to read the book that 842 students write about Fredi.

Congrats to them! The stories of these students and the hundreds of alumni who were involved in FIRST and are now graduating are very powerful.

I was lucky to be at the Friday night dinner at the CMP. Seeing your former students, as well as the other students on stage and hearing their stories is magic.

For years I showed the 10 year old CNN piece on the “Little Red Robot” to recruit teams and students in the Baltimore area-to the extent I had the dialogue memorized. Seeing those 4 boys (now men) on stage was so moving.

Keeping track of the alumni is so important to this program.