Two Motors Under One Motor Controller

Can we put two CIMs or two BaneBots on one motor controller like a Talon SRX or Victor SP or Spike?

See rule R42 and Table 4-4 of the game manual.

Hint: No you cannot.

The rule book is your friend.

Live it. Love it. learn it.

One solution would be to use a “Y” pwm cable. In programming you would only create one motor controller, but the rio would send out the signal to two controllers via this split “Y” Cable.

If you are using the CAN Bus you can create a “Lead” and a “Follower” controller to match outputs.

Both of these methods can be useful if you are driving two motors into the same gearbox.

So you couldn’t put like 2 bag motors on 1 talon sr?

According to rule R42 and Table 4-4, no.

The only motors you can put 2 of on one controller are:

Window/Door/Windshield Wiper/Door Motors
AndyMark PG
Bosch Motor
Snow-Blower Motor
Denso Throttle Control

This is outlined in R42 table 4.4