Two new FRC Tip Jar Videos are online!

This week there are two new FRC Tip Jar Videos online at

I’ll be adding new content and videos regularly throughout the competition, so I’m seeking video, code and idea contributions from participants, mentors and suppliers to make the site as comprehensive as possible. Please email me at if you or your team is interested in collaborating to help all teams build better, more efficient robots.

What you’ll find now at

2010 Tip Jar #7 – Walkthrough 2.0 (for the mandatory LabVIEW FRC Update released in January)

  • Local variables
  • Global variables
  • Template changes to Robot main, Begin, Periodic Tasks
  • The included vision algorithm to find ellipses
  • The included autonomous independent code to rotate to target
  • The included teleop code which allows you to turn to target with a button press
  • Wiring techniques for clean code

2010 Tip Jar #8 – Deploying Startup Code

  • How to build robot code
  • How to deploy that code so that it runs as soon as the robot powers up

You’ll also find:

  • 2010 Tip Jar #1 - An Introduction to LabVIEW
  • 2010 Tip Jar #2 - LabVIEW Primer I
  • 2010 Tip Jar #3 - LabVIEW Primer II
  • 2010 Tip Jar #4 - FRC Walkthrough
  • 2010 Tip Jar #5 - State Machines
  • 2010 Tip Jar #6 – Autonomous Mode
  • Mystery Mistake Contest to win a free subscription to

Ben Zimmer
– FRC Mastery Team

2 more GEMS!

I can’t tell you how helpful your videos have been. I find myself going back to both this year’s and last year’s TipJar videos in order to better understand a given topic.

Keep up the good work!

Our pleasure. Thanks for the kind words.

– FRCMastery team.