Two Part-Time Paid FTC Coach Positions in Chicago

As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been super grateful to be able to work with the Francis W. Parker School and their two exceptional FTC programs over the last three years or so. I’m graduating here in the Fall and another one of our coaches is moving on for personal reasons, so these opportunities are available. Parker is a truly amazing school with an ultra supportive administration who’s made sure the FTC programs flourish, including winning the Illinois State tournament in 2019 and 2020. In addition, we’re able to host both the Chicago League Tournament and one of the Premier FTC Off-season events with teams attending from 17 different states this year at the school. It’s a really great opportunity, and even myself going into coaching with only FRC experience and very little FTC was able to support the program a lot as it was a FRC team only about 6 years ago still. You can see the two positions here:

If you have any questions about these postings or the robotics program at Parker, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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This threw me for a second because my kids attend Francis W Parker School but in Massachusetts! I often forget that there are several schools around the country founded on Parker’s educational pedagogy. Good luck with the search!


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