Two Portal Enhancements

Two quick (and minor) portal enhancements this morning …

  1. ‘# replies’ will be bold if you’ve replied in the thread.
  2. If you hover over the cell in the listing, it will preview the thread, similar to how the forum listing does.

Thanks to Joey Gannon for reminding me to do these.


looks good:D

I was wondering why the numbers were in bold, great idea keep up the good work.

This is SOOOO great. I noticed that this morning, and came to the CD Forum Support folder to post about it, and then saw this thread. Thank you SO much.


Ohhh. That explains it. That is a much better reason that “Brandon - I think I broke CD again!” :slight_smile:

thank you thank you thank you!!!

this is a major improvement…even though it was hopefully easy for you to implement…

There appears to be a slight problem with the enhancements.
I’m running Windows XP Media Center, using Firefox
I refreshed and the problem did not go away. In fact, the description stayed with that thread with new threads appearing above without the problem.

I just witnessed the exact same problem, with the same thread misbehaving.
I’m under Ubuntu Linux ( Edgy) in Firefox

  • Jeff

Same in Safari 2.0.4

Only that one thread…

A quick look at the source reveals that the greater than and less than symbols, along with double quotes are not being escaped correctly.

I don’t know PHP well enough to know what to do, but that’s what’s going on, Brandon.

Let’s see…
<test>Hey Brandon! Lookie here! :smiley:

^ didn’t work only because I didn’t create the thread. Oh well…

I think you may have bigger problems than that if your full time OS is Linux!


Hey, I knocked Macs and got tons of bad rep for it; why do you get to bash Linux?

Hopefully I don’t have to put a smiley in to make sure you know I’m joking…


I’m not bashing anything.
Who in the corporate world uses Linux for anything other than a server?

Who in the corporate world would be able to do anything without a server?


Brandon, you’re the man. This is great.

Say what you will - I’m just proud to be free of Microsoft’s grasp.

I Made the final plunge just over 6 months ago. So far full immersion is not so bad - some things are still a bit of a challenge (like dual screen requires some tricky xorg configurations), but a lot can be achieved with a base install and Automatix - no command line needed.

  • Jeff

(There are still a few key apps I half to go back for, like CAD. But hey - there’s always virtualization if dual boot isn’t desirable.)

My hat is off to you…good job!

I don’t mind using MS products, somehow I manage to stay out of their grasp. Maybe because I’m content to use their old products.

Got another issue… Screenshot posted.

No Title!!!


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untitled.bmp (64.5 KB)

untitled.bmp (64.5 KB)

It’s fixed now (I think).