two robots

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**What you can do, is submit 2 configurations.

Basically your chaise stays the same, and you can switch your manipulator.

We tried it one year, but we just stayed with one because it was too hard to switch to the other. **

When you do that I always thought that it all parts have to be included in the 130lbs

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When you do that I always thought that it all parts have to be included in the 130lbs **

No, you can have two separate configurations that can both weigh up to 130 pounds. The only thing that has to stay the same is the chaise.

However like I said, most attempts at this type, are not that successful.

Btw, im also on team 115…MVHS

I actually talked to the Bellermine guys, and one of them told me that they were using one of their old ones just as a display, and the other one in the CAL games…their 2001-02, robot is very good…it managed to come in place 1st in the Silicon Valley games

btw, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER TWO IDENTICAL ROBOTS IN A COMPETITION, only identical parts. for example, back ups of custom made gear shafts, etc, etc, etc

Bellermine (aka Cheesy Poofs) built an aditional robot over the summer for Cal Games (an off season regional in North CA). It was entirely student built and made to pick up balls. They talked with WRRF who set up Cal Games as got it OKed to bring 2 bots in. For acctually compition you would have to have an aditional team for two bots.

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This was also done at the Kettering Kickoff, and strangly enough, the girls ranked better than the guys at both events… **

The girls were on the winning allience and the boys were on the runners up at IRI

For the California Robot Games we entered our robot from last year as well as a modified version of our robot from 2 years ago. Our robot from two years ago had an easily removable arm so a group of kids took out the old arm, made a new ball picker-uper out of spare parts, made a few tweaks to the chassis, and entered it.

Too bad it didn’t do too well.