Two school, One team

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I was wondering, how many team out thier have students from other schools, and if so are the school within the same district, or other district nearby.
I was wondering how those teams did it with mulitple school within one team

Teams 1647 and 2729 both are teams that have students that come from other schools. The schools are all in the same district of 4 high schools. (2 going to 1647 and 2 going to 2729) It was basically an expansion call on our administration and with the main sponsor that opened up the program to the 3 other schools in the district. This all occurred in 2009 and if you’re looking for someone to share explicit details nlknauss (Nate Knauss) on Chief would be the man to go to for more information regarding the formation of the two teams.

We are 3 schools one team but I think I am still within the topic at hand

Our “main” and original school we have 20 current students which entails the entire student leadership

Our second school is where we get 7 students, our teacher sponsor, our tax code, and our bank account

Our third school which just joined us this past season is a private school which we have 4 students from, and is the only one to be a monetary sponsor

(We also have 2 students from a charter school in the area, 3 home schooled, 2 from a religious school, though we do not directly recruit from these groups so I don’t include them in the count)

The reason I listed as I did above is because each of our 3 schools provides us with different things and are within 4 miles of each other so it is not a problem of commuting. I hope the information I provided was of some use to you. If not maybe a question more specific than “How do we do it?” could be provided

The school district I teach in does not restrict students going to another school’s team if they school does not have one as all students are covered by the district’s liability insurance regardless of which school they attend.

You will find that many teams are community or school district based and have selected a base school as a function of convenience.

Our team has members from the 5 schools in the Fremont Unified School District.

As for how we do “it”, there are a few different obstacles that we overcame.

One was that of insurance; our schools (although in the same district) apparently have different insurance policies, thus barring a school-specific club from having members from different schools. Fortunately for us, our head mentor is also the founder of a non-profit, whose insurance covers us.
Also, if you’re district allows it, you could make a district-wide club to cover this issue.

Another was that of a meeting space. At first, we held the meetings in our team captain’s garage, but then we secured a space at a local University. Unfortunately, it is not a central location, but other wise it is great as it causes the team to be more of a “district team” rather a “school team”.

If you need any other specific info, please say so.

We currently have students from around 10 schools from up to an hour away. They’re split between one full school district (3 schools) and various other public and charter schools in that and other districts throughout our county.

Were there any specific questions you had in mind?

68 is currently located at Brandon High School in Brandon Township; however we also have 3 students from Holly High School nearby.

Spectrum is comprised from students from two different schools. St. Agnes Academy (all girls) and Strake Jesuit College Prep (all boys). Luckily the two schools are next to each other but they are completely different private school organizations so we have two different administrations and schools boards to keep happy. So far it has worked out extremely well and the program wouldn’t work if each school had their own team.

Both teams I have worked with have been had multiple schools feed into them.

2410 was a school district team, but also involved private schools for which the students lived within the district boundaries.

159 involves a few (not sure on the #) different schools in the city of Fort Collins.

The process for having a team like this is very much the same as for a team out of only one school.

Our team is located in a school district that has three public high schools. There are also two private high schools, and a few charter schools located within the boundaries of the district.

We have always maintained a policy of inclusiveness, and welcome students from any of the schools. This year we have students from all three public schools and one of the private schools. Previous years have had students from some of the other schools, and we have also welcomed members from outside the district and did not have access to a team. The makeup changes every year.

During the fall, we hold recruitment events at all three public schools and sometimes at the private schools. We also try to rotate the team meetings around to all three public schools, as we have better access there than at the private schools. Once build season is underway, we work exclusively from one of the schools where we have our storage space and access to shop facilities.

This year we have teacher mentors from two of the public high schools, and also from the district-wide Project Lead The Way team, which teaches combined classes that are held at a local Jr. college.

We have, and have had, student leadership from all the schools. One of the great things I enjoy about the team is that unless they happen to be wearing something that indicates their school affiliation, I can’t tell or remember who goes to school where.

The biggest problem we have had to overcome has been communication with the students spread across multiple buildings. It’s especially hard at the schools where we do not have teacher mentors in place. So we primarily communicate using a combination of email distribution lists, text messages, and a FaceBook group, as it seems that no one method reaches everyone.

Team 1676 has two schools in the same district participating.

It gets done without much additional effort, aside from carpooling during build season to get to the one school where we meet and work. Although the schools are theoretically rivals (the Cowboys and the Indians), the reality is that the students from both schools get along well (and not just in robotics).

Our biggest problem (literally) is the huge number of students who want to be on the team. We only have room for about 75, so those not showing real interest and enthusiasm are asked to stay home. Politely.

Exploding Bacon has students from 10 different schools and homeschoolers. The way we did it was to become a 4-H team. We have our own insurance, our own checking account and no one can tell us we can’t go somewhere because of testing.

We keep all the principals of all our schools informed by way of a bi-monthly newsletter. Some schools even invite us to come bring the robots out to their schools. Some even come to competitions. It is the best of both worlds for them, no cost or commitment but something they can offer to their students.

Our team has always been open to any students from anywhere. We say we’re from “Greater Sydney Area High Schools,” but our first year we had participation from a group in Melbourne. (They later went on to form Team Melbourne, the first FRC team in their state.)

At the moment we’re from over 20 schools throughout the Western/Inner West/Northern/Northern Beaches/North Shore areas of Sydney including public, selective, private, and homeschooled students.

If I may ask what is a 4-H team?

Intresting, has anyone ran into problem thier first year, I would assume that the school would have to coordinate transportation to bring the students

If I may ask what is a 4-H team?

Intresting, has anyone ran into problem thier first year, I would assume that the school would have to coordinate transportation to bring the students, is thier more issue of bringing students from other school district

Good way to find out about the relationship between 4-H and FIRST would be to go here:

We run independently of the schools that our students go to (think club sports team vs a high school sports team) so all of our students are either brought by their parents, carpool in, or drive themselves to wherever we happen to be meeting.

The one big problem we’ve run into is a lack of a home, we’ve built in 5 different spaces and store all of our stuff in a storage unit or garage during the off season. 4-H provides our team with meeting space during the off season but unfortunately they cannot give us a build or storage space.

We’re working to solve this problem.

I hope this helped, feel free to post or message if you have any questions.

I know that the Kauaibots team 2465 from the island of Kauai here in Hawaii consists of all the high school on their island.

Kauaibots - “Building geniuses island-wide”
Founded in the fall of 2007, Kauibots has competed in FIRST Robotics Competition season 2008 and 2009. We are gearing up for our third competitive season. Because of the size and location of Kauai (the westmost Hawaiian island), our team draws members from every high school on the island. Some of our team travels over an hour to participate with the rest of the team.

yes thank you for the link, im gonna check it out

Now the insurance part, how would that work? would the district with the team be responsible, or would the two district have to get together and work it out? What would be the best route to avoid having any issue over this?

Same here. We’re a 4H team but our single biggest problem at the moment outside of funding is a place to build. Last season we built inside the Parks and Rec maintenance building but during the spring/summer/fall they’re using it so it’s absolutely full with fertilizer and other stuff. All our equipment is in the metal caged-off portion for storage, which certainly works better than our previous arrangement, but we can’t really do any off-season build projects without anywhere to work.

1038 has students from 4 different schools within the same district, 2 High Schools and 2 Freshman Schools. We also have students from a nearby school district and a home schooled student from near Dayton. We have always had an open-door policy for students who did not have a team in their school.

We currently work at a local mall, we have our own store that we lease and use as our build and meeting space. We also use it to showcase FIRST and our team to the public. We carry our own insurance since we do not work at the school. We still house some of our funds at the school for those sponsors who only want to donate to the school. But we also started a non-profit group that manages a Fund through the our local Community Foundation that is a 501©3.