Two Seperate controlers

We are thinking about using two controllers, one for the bot, and one for firing balls. The two would be tied together via programming, but the “firing control” controllers would handle the CMUCam and our firing mechanism.

We have been through the manual, but cannot find anything that might prohibit this, but some of our group says there are rules against this.

True? False? Is this concept a violaiton of the rules, in spirit or otherwise?

Thanks in advance for any input.

The concept that a second controller could handle the computation is legal. However, that is the extent of its involvement. The input to any Spike or Victor must come from the IFI Robot Controller.

How about Rule 49: [regarding non-kit parts] … No individual COTS electronic component shall have a value of over $200.

The IFI controller costs $450.

No you have the answer. You can have a custom circuit that takes input from sensors and ports data to the RC and eventually to a speed controller, spike or servo. You can only have one RC on the robot and it must be the only controller that directly affects motors, valves, servos. A custom circuit board may not receive data directly from another operator interface nor may it use a different radio modem than the one used for robot control.

Forgive me if I sound dense, but we’re newbies, so be kind.

By the Spike and Victor, what are you refering to? The second conroller we are thinking about would be used solely to keep the the CMUcam on track with the “green light” and, subsequetly, aim our firing mechanism toward the target.

Is this legal, and am I a making sense?


You are only allowed to use ONE Robot Controller, and ONE pair of radios, and ONE Operator Interface.

However, you can do what many teams do, and have 4 joysticks going into your Operator Interface. Two can be for the base driver to use, and two can be for the shooter driver to use.

You are making perfect sense. The only problem is that your second controller can not directly aim your firing mechanism. As Mr.Skierkiewicz said above, “You can only have one RC on the robot and it must be the only controller that directly affects motors, valves, servos.” That means the second controller would have to tell the IFI Robot Controller to aim your firing mechanism.

[quote=<R59>]Custom Circuits may not:
• Interfere with the operation of other robots
• Directly alter the power pathways between the battery, fuse blocks, speed controller/relay, and motor.
Custom high impedance voltage monitoring or low impedance current monitoring circuitry connected to
the robot’s electrical system is acceptable, because the effect on the robot outputs should be
• Directly affect any output devices on the robot, such as by providing power directly to a motor, supplying
a PWM signal to a speed controller or supplying a control signal to a relay module
• Be used for wireless communication, such as sending or receiving a signal to and/or from the alliance
• Connect to the radio or tether ports on the Robot Controller[/quote]

If you’re wondering why this is… at the competition FIRST needs the ability to disable all moving parts on your robot without your team’s assistance. By wiring all of your outputs from the IFI Robot Controller they are able to do this.

EDIT: As many people have noted, robot controllers are not on the additional parts lists. Therfore, they would need to come out of your budget. The rule below would not allow for you to use a second IFI Robot Controller. However, if you were using a different controller under $200, than it would be perfectly legal.

[quote=]No individual COTS electronic
component shall have a value of over $200.00 USD[/quote]

A “Victor” is a speed controller . A “Spike” is a spike relay.

You’ll see that a lot around here. :slight_smile:

Think I got the answer I needed. Thanks to all.

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