Two threads here, this one is about moving your team. You are the field logistics

Two threads here, this one is about moving and assembling the field for events.

You are the field / event logistics person. You identify, pack, load, move, unpack, deploy, wait, repack, reload, reship and do it all again for the next event. You put 3,000 pounds of field, game elements and that d**ned carpet in a too small truck / POD. You think in cubic inches, wasted movements are the bane. You are the George Cloony of field movements around the world. Events for seven weeks live and die at your skills.

Tell us your story! Best move, worst move, snakes on the plane. Regional events, how is it with big venues and new crews. Districts tell us about your gyms and dealing with families of roboteers.

Really? George Clooney? Ryan Reynolds would be so much more accurate…