Two Tube Autonomous Repeated 14 Times!

Way off-topic, but how did you manage to upload a video to GDocs? I’ve never seen that before.

And to keep this post somewhat on-topic: That’s amazing! What is the light beam used for? Tube recognition?

Nice! Just curious as to how you plan to set this up with your partner. From the looks of it you would be running into your partner with how far the robot comes back and turns.

Good luck in St. Louis!

It appears they have bumpers set up on the floor to simulate another robot. This is truly impressive, well done!

This is awesome! Great work! :slight_smile:

Impressive. Has anyone else done this without an active pickup?

Does anyone else not have an active pickup :rolleyes:

Very nice! The laser is a great idea too.

Hopefully you have another method of aiming for competition, the GDC has ruled that laser pointers are not allowed.

Make sure your peg heights are correct. The outer pegs are 8" lower than the center peg.

Specifically R02 d. Maybe it’s just a concentrated lcd/led beam? Whatever it is, it’s still cool though!

Also addressed in the Q&A forum. Search 'laser" in the Robot forum. This topic has come up many times.

They’re using the laser to see where they are for testing, it won’t be used in competition. Pretty clever, using a laser to check how accurately you can line it up using the tape stripes on the field.

(I think that’s what Steve told me last night)

Eric from Team 610 here. A couple of teams could hang 2 ubertubes at Greater Toronto Regionals. Teams 2056 OP Robotics and Team 1114 Simbotics both did it consistently.

From the looks of it that set-up is immpossible… Because of how far out the tower sticks out from the lane… The second tube is almost always 50% infront of the second robot…

I think they can get the other robot to be at enough of an angle for clearance to grab the tube.

Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell over the internet. I think my point was pretty clear.

I think your original message was a little strange, considering 842 has an active pickup.

842 just keeps getting better this year… now for the 3 tube auto? :wink:

I believe Tom meant active pickup to mean something with rollers or conveyors.

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

217 at Troy.