Two UBERTUBES on one peg? - Scoring?

<G63> If two **GAME PIECES **are HANGING from a single SCORING PEG, the outermost GAME PIECE will be counted for scoring purposes.

<G64> The AUTONOMOUS SCORE is the sum of points determined by the positions of the three **ALLIANCE UBERTUBES **at the conclusion of the AUTONOMOUS PERIOD. The AUTONOMOUS PERIOD ends when the ARENA timer reaches zero seconds.

<G65> The PEG SCORE is the sum of points determined by the positions of the **GAME PIECES **on each SCORING GRID. A LOGO PIECE HANGING in front of an UBERTUBE doubles the points for that SCORING PEG. The table below gives the value for each LOGO PIECE HANGING on a SCORING PEG.

What would you call in this scenario -

In autonomous, two robots placed an UBERTUBE on the same peg. This was not intentional, but it did happen at BMR during a practice match.

Per <G63>, it seems as if only one would count, since the rule does not distinguish between UBERTUBES and LOGO PIECES, it just says “GAME PIECES”.

I am going to post to the Q+A for clarification, but what do you think? Would this be worth 6 points or 12 points?

My opinion would be that the outermost GAME PIECE is an UBERTUBE, but not a LOGO PIECE, so it wouldn’t be doubled for being in front of an UBERTUBE. I would see no reason that it wouldn’t double a third GAME PIECE hung on the peg if it was a LOGO PIECE and was somehow stuffed onto the peg.

6 points.

It will be interesting to see how this comes out.
I don’t believe any doubling would occur (there is no provision for doubling of ubertube scores…) and I can guarantee that you could not put a third tube on the peg (not enough room) for end of game doubling.
I would hope that this sort of thing would be 12 points…same as 2 ubertubes on 2 pegs…

I wonder also if an ubertube is scored during auto and knocked off during game play if the double score for that peg would still result.

This has probably been answered… I am just too tired after a long regional to search very far.

It is possible to hang a third game piece on one peg if at least one (if not both) of the other pieces were deflated. Although the deflating would have to be “unintentional” if you don’t want to risk a penalty.

GAME PIECE - any one of the four plastic inflated objects used to score in LogoMotion.

In my opinion, an ubertube fits under the definition of a game piece, and therefore only the outermost piece would count. 6 points.

Why would you want to score two Ubertubes on one peg? You have six high pegs, and only three ubertubes to work with if you’re shooting for a high starting score. You’re risking interference between robots during autonomous with that stategy. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is interesting because if The PEG SCORE is the sum of points determined by the positions of the GAME PIECES on each SCORING GRID the auto score is not part of the peg score the ubertubes would not technically be game pieces and since <G63> applies to game pieces it could be 6+6+12. however the doubling via 3rd logo piece would still be only once because <G65> explicitly states the point value of the piece so 6+6+6=18 on the top.

As for how i think it will be called i say 6.

EDIT: Teched3 the question is not a consideration for a strategy but for an interesting discussion of peoples opinion of how it could be called

If you think this scenario is possible, then you should Q & A it and let the GDC make the ruling now, before it occurs at a Regional. I think it is an appropriate question, and it never occurred to me before this post. As far as some thinking this might be considered a strategy, you don’t have look any further then the post referring to “unintentionally” deflating a game piece so you can score a third game piece on a peg.

If you think this scenario is possible, then you should Q & A it and let the GDC make the ruling now, before it occurs at a Regional.

Chris said he is going to so i dont want to post the same question twice but yes, it should be answered because anything can happen at a FIRST regional:D

It was not planned, but it happened, and it was not really clear how it would be scored. It was a practice match, so it didn’t matter at the time.

But it could happen again if a robot turns more (or less) than expected, or if one of the multi-tube scoring robots is slightly off on the return trip.


<G63>: If two GAME PIECES are on a single PEG, only the outermost one counts.

<G64>: The AUTONOMOUS SCORE is the sum of the points of the Alliance’s 3 UBERTUBES. <G63> would still apply; a UBERTUBE is a GAME PIECE. In any event, I doubt the scoring software could handle 2 UBERTUBES on the same PEG. There’s no way to enter that on the score pad.

<G65>: The PEG SCORE of a UBERTUBE is zero. Zero doubled (for being on top of another UBERTUBE) is still zero.

LOGO BONUS and RACE SCORE don’t enter the calculations here.

In short, the doubled up UBERTUBES on one PEG would count 2, 4 or 6 points, depending on what row level it was.

(Really, it’s kind of an amazing feat, that the robots didn’t tangle each other.)

I think it would break the scoring system. If you’ve seen their touch screen for keeping track of the racks, I don’t think it supports 2 ubertubes :slight_smile:

if the GDC makes a ruling in favor of scoring the 2nd Ubertube, they could enter the additional points manually as they do with penalties. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: