Two webcams? How do you Intigrate?

Do any of you teams use two webcams? How did you install both feeds into the driver station? I am not the first to ask this!

Well, you are the first I’ve seen on CD.

If I were to do this, I’d configure one camera to, and second to Then I’d open the source to the dashboard in LV, make another image display, duplicate the image loop and change the 11 for the last IP to a 12. I might change it so that the images were not logged or were logged to a second directory.

I’m sure that this is similar for Java smart dashboard, ZomB, or the other version of DB SW.

Greg McKaskle

We used this last year with a front camera, and a back minibot camera. (image. The right/front camera was broken, hence its “Connecting” visible)
if you use Greg’s setup, put two camera view on, and change the source to MJPEG stream, and source args to or the camera ip