Two Windriver Tips!

Hey CD!

whether or not anybody finds this post useful is irrelevant. Maybe it will slip down into the archives, maybe not. Hopefully, someone who is facing similar problems as I was will find this post in a search and be helped!

• When installing windriver, you need to select the “DISK_SERIAL_NUM” option at the screen which asks for a Host ID. [This is in the install manual PDF, I just missed it]

• When creating a project, in order to include WPILib properly, do this exactly:
-In the “Select a Wizard” dialog, choose Examples->VXWorks Downloadable Kernel Module Sample Project
-Choose the starting point which suits your project best. We chose “FRC Simple Robot Template”
-It should open and build the sample SimpleRobot demo using the included WPILib binary. Set up the SVN WPIlib source update once they release the SVN info.

Failing to start the projects in this way [if you are not familiar with Windriver] results is it being impossibly hard to link in the library…

I hope this helped someone :cool:

Thank you! This was exactly what we needed.
Saved us loads of googling :smiley:

Here’s another:

If you want to run/debug code for the first time, you still have to undeploy the default program (which I didn’t find mentioned in any manual…). In order to do that, you have to set your team number in the FIRST preferences pane. But in order to save that, you have to have an app built so that you can point the preferences pane to a file to download (even though you won’t be downloading…), because otherwise you can’t save your team number.

Or did I miss something? =]

Another good one:
If you’re using windows vista, run the program as an administrator.
you’ll probably run into some build problems if you don’t :rolleyes: