TX1 pynetworktables not connecting to SmartDashboard

Our team is trying to get our Jetson TX1 to connect to the SmartDashboard network table using pynetworktables. It is unable to connect with the following code:

from networktables import NetworkTables
import logging

table = NetworkTables.getTable('SmartDashboard')
while True:
    print table.getNumber('gyro', 0)

as we get a constant output of 0. The SmartDashboard is updating, as we can see through the OutlineViewer and SmartDashboard. We are using static IP’s. We are able to ping the roboRIO from the Jetson, so we are unsure what we are doing wrong.

I would add a sleep between each iteration of your while loop. Are there any log messages that you see on the console? The messages you should see are listed at Troubleshooting — RobotPy 2024 documentation

We will test this tomorrow, thanks!