Type of fused connectors on Andymark battery chargers?

Does anyone know what type of fused connectors are used on the AndyMark battery chargers. See image below (yellow pieces). Bonus points if you know where I can buy them.

The type of charger this came off of is an AM-2026


Don’t replace them; they’re trash for sooooo many reasons and I’ve been fighting them for what feels like a decade.

Going without the fuses is likely fine and what I’ve seen several times, but I’d recommend picking up some inline ATC/ATO fuse holders, such as these. One of the many issues with the pictured fuse holder is that it not only has to maintain an electrical path, but a mechanical load path. Glass fuses were obsolete in the 90s; no idea why people still design for them when the cost increase at scale is negligible.

Additionally, you’ll probably want to crimp new SB50s, which will require either reducing bushings from the 6awg lugs found in most FRC applications, or 10awg lugs and fold the wire. (sssshhh it’s a battery charger it’ll be fine)


Troy’s argument is logical…but if you are lazy like me and just want factory replacements:

They also sell the fuses.


Thanks. Did not know they would sell them at Andymark.

On a related topic: Why do they even have fuses and does it really make sense? I could see maybe in a fixed deployment where you have the terminals bolted to a battery on a boat or car with chassis ground, then you could have unintended current paths if the chassis becomes live. But in this kind of environment it seems a bit excessive, especially to have them on both leads. Certainly though, I think a fuse holder that doesn’t use the fuse mechanically would help a lot.


The fuses are there because you have tiny wire and a source of 200 Amps… they protect against crushed wires with a battery plugged in. The charger is highly current limited.


Agree. The charger is not the danger, the battery is. That is why both wires are fused.

On the other hand, AM appears to be the only supplier with this fuse setup. I think I’ve only seen that on this charger and integrated in a real fancy forklift battery charger connector. Good on them for supplying a proactively safe charger, though the cost benefit analysis there is a tad puzzling.
IIRC the fuse holders are from RealPro (makers of the charger) not AM. Seems like the charger comes from the factory with ring terminals and AM crimps on the SB50s.

The Fuse holder used is Bussman HHB, and they are available from several sources, but it’s hard to beat AM’s by the each price.

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