Type of Pistons Allowed

Does anyone know if we are allowed to use another type on pneumatic other than the bimba cylinders and the bimba actuators ?

Yes, start on page 27 of the robot manual.

BTW they aren’t pistons they are cylinders

What usually is the case is the parts that come in the KOP are whats allowed, check the manual and I would think as long as they meet the same specs and requirements you would be able to use other manufactured parts

Ok thanks and they can be called either, the outside part is a cylinder and the inside part is a piston.


would these be legal?

No they are not call pistons by anyone in industry that I know. A cylinder may have a piston as a part but so do car motors and you don’t call them pistons.

to-ma-to to-mo-to i know mech. engineers that call them plungers even so they have many names but most people know what you are talking about

*car engines :slight_smile: