Type Your username with your elbow


joe rolsxs

Wow, seems really pointless and stupid… I WANNA TRY! :smiley:

jup0swe4phum, (I have a big elbow…)

meli w

my elbow is pointy :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy A.

w00t. Whats my prize?

-Andy A.


Grr. Left elbow on shift threw me off.

ryan dognaux

with one elbow, right? :slight_smile: I’m boney, so this works well with me.

jessica boucherr

haha, leave it to joe ross to be bored and to make me do stupid stuff at work :stuck_out_tongue:

The FIRST Compdtition or ghis year hAs beren cancslled

^–Greatest Joe Ross line ever, typed with my elbows. :slight_smile:


Yan Wang

Why type when you can Dasher? Try writing an essay with it!

lisa perez

Woo hoo!


ppat fairbank


(gets in proper elbow-typing position)


yep…watch me throw dem 'bows.

JHayuHN 2387

Wow! Am I glad this wasn’t a life or death situation! :yikes:

note to self for future reference- unable to type with elbows :stuck_out_tongue:

rfyhaz n alb rfkight

wow i have big elbows

that’s the greatest name :smiley:

SDteve Jorn

Not bad for doing it on my first try :smiley:

moema nkikac

bnill gold

damned elbows…

kytghl,ldegbvkk,. bdefrtgy4r5t

wow… well my elbow isnt really that pointy and with my laptop you just have to hit the corner of the key and it works so i guess i failed this mission horribly.