Type your username with your nose

Well… Spinoff of the “Type your username with your elbow” here :p. Just how will it turn out with one’s nose? drum roll

olisa perea

… Uhh… Just warn people ahead of time… They might get scared if they walk into a room with your nose on the keyboard…


Zzyzx…that wasn’t so hard at all, maybe because my eyes are so close to my nose.

anyhow, fun thread.


Laptops succeed where desktops fail! RAHAHA! You know… we’re going to run out of limbs to do this with.

Kyle A. Gilbert

ok I cheated…:ahh:


i retrospect, i shouldn’t have done this. my keyboard is pretty dusty, and lately my allergies have been touchy…i sneezed on my keyboard…what a mess.

<nose> Scooter </nose>

Easy!!..but then again, I’ve practiced :slight_smile:


Jashy H 2387

I guess not too bad on the first try. :rolleyes: I just wonder how many people are going to call me “Jashy” now. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first time I tried this, I got: T, then, when I went to turn caps lock off, I hit tab. I didn’t notice… :slight_smile:

Second try: 53sqahj <-- Heh. I seem to have trouble touching my nose… :wink: I always went one row up…

Third try: Te3xsqahj <-- Every letter except the ‘n’ (plus a few extra…)

The sequence ‘sqahj’ appear in both of them… weird.

I typed my username perfectly
using my fingers you know the “normal” way. LOL
:yikes: :smiley:

meli w.


whoops…i guess i didn’t get caps lock off

first try -> bg4444444489et553
second try -> bg444888888it35523
third try ->br4589iet35653

okay, I give up. And my nose hurts a little bit :frowning:


Not even remotely close. :yikes:

takes glasses off
puts back on to inspect Not that bad. I moved a bit too slow. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sneezing now too. I guess I should clean my keyboard right about now.

<goes to get a dust rag>


I didn’t get a noseful of anything–this is my new laptop, Dave. It’s pimp.

Aaron Lussier


That was alot eaiser than elbows.


<nose>ryan foley

that wasn’t so hard</nose>


this is weird…
With my nose: 4r509hg0ty9845o007

Okay I got the 007 at the end right…
I have a big nose, so that may have been the issue…