Type your username with your tongue.

It can’t be any more gross than swallowing other people’s spit water…

T. H off man

Quite the accurate typing appendage, that tongue.

amand a morri son

viva la typing-with-appendages revolution!

Eugenia, I think your title of weirdest thread ever has just been stripped.

–Billfred (that’s all tongue on the sig, baby–even the capital B!)

Oh my goodness. Can I resist the urge? Can I?



Wow. Wow…

Here goes

benl lauer

(my keyboard tastes like ear wax)

Not to derail the topic, but how would you know what ear wax tastes like?! :eek:


but really…it has a bad aftertaste…and well …maybe… uh…never mind

edit… see post below first…

  • i was going to comment on that, but for some reason i had licked my finger instead! oh well. Hehehehehe

your picture is rather appropriate for this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Awww, I was gonna do the capitalized letters and all but then I got carried away and forgot to turn off the caps lock! Yeah, the short term memory loss is a sad thing.



Note: The capital ‘O’ was with my tounge on shift and my nose hitting ‘o’. I’m gonna go do a WPM test with my tounge.

i cannot believe i am about to do this … i dont even want to know what kind of dirt and germs and all other “great” stuff like that is on this keyboard … but here goes …

no i cant do it … ill do it once i sterilize it …

Yeah, really, I mean… uh…

Oh, drat. No self-control:
R <-- First try. On trying to turn off CapsLock, I hit tab, causing this to lose foucs

57qan motrejhaty <-- Second try. I have a long name… :smiley:

ryuan mo5r4jatr <-- Almost as bad…

Where is David Kelly at?? His pic matches the overall theme of the thread too… :yikes:

And as for me… I have to clean my keyboard before i even attempt this one… lol

Who wants to watch Dave Lavery do this on his office webcam? :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhh gross!!! :stuck_out_tongue: ahh well here goes…



That one is easy as well.

jeff waegelin

Score :slight_smile:

…here goes…scared

Dorienne Plait

5//337 xD

OOH! ME ME ME! lol

Well typing with tongue is easy,now the quetion is can you type your username with forehead ???