Types Of Controllers

What kind of controllers does your team use to drive

1293 sticks with Xbox 360 controllers. I’ve also been on teams that used Logitech joysticks and gamepads that AndyMark sells/has sold.

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We got ps3 controllers and find they don’t let you control the speed of the robot they just drive full speed

we legit just use xbox controllers

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Currently we have just used a blue tooth controller

5872 is using a gamecube controller for driver and operator is using a custom button board with a logitech flight stick.

We think we’re funny because we are using one Razer Xbox One controller, and a Razer PS4 controller.


We use Wireless Xbox One Controllers

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Check rule H1, subpoint vi. Do you think you’d be able to use Bluetooth controllers at competition?


Same to you

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Sorry i forgot to mention we use them plugged in via the micro usb on the controller for comp.
Wireless for outreach

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Make sure that you disable bluetooth on your driver station laptop at your competitions if you’re using bluetooth/USB controller.

At one of our off-season competitions, one team couldn’t drive during a final match, and the match was delayed probably 10 minutes while it was sorted out. One of the CSAs finally disabled bluetooth and then everything came back on line. It turned out that their controllers had decided to use bluetooth despite the USB cabling. The driver station software disallows wireless communication, so their controllers had stopped working.

I’m partial to these controllers

We use two of these in Tank-Drive. Great for controlability (you get far more fine detail control than with an Xbox or similar controller) and they don’t have the input drift issues that Logitech joysticks tend to have.

Xbox controller is the go-to for most teams for a reason. Do yourself a favor and use arcade or curvature drive methods, not tank drive.

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I know your not able to we just use it for testing so we are able to walk with the robot and have the laptop on a table

We’ve in the past always used the logitech extreme 3d pro joysticks, one for the secondary and two for main (if mechanum/omni) or one for main (tank).

This year we are trying a logitech F310 gamepad for the secondary and so far it’s been somewhat of a wash. Manually controlling an elevator with it is much harder, but it has more buttons that are easier to use…

I recommend getting any ones the drivers may be interested in (or better yet, borrow from students who most likely have their own) and find out what the drivers like best, and use those.

Our team uses the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. We have gone through a few of them throughout the years that needed replacing, but they offer a lot of buttons to program and use.

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We have a tank drive and one joystick should we use a joystick or use a controller. Joystick would be better for little movements like lining up for a hatch but you will need a driver station to mount them too while a controller i feel you can react faster and move around on the field so much better than a joystick.

Since we’re using a mecanum drive and have several automated tasks, we’re using two different controllers. The drive is using a gaming joystick with a twist stick. The rest of the functions are being controlled using a PXN Button Box Deluxe. The button box was new for us this year, but has proven to be a very successful (and easy to program) solution for controlling a lot of automated tasks.

As a driver I would pull the joysticks off of our “driver station” (which was about half of the station for weight reasons) and move them to the very ends anyways, so I’d argue you don’t need a driver station for sticks (albeit it is easier to carry controllers).

As to ability to do fast movements, we’ve gotten used to jabbing the stick around a good bit to get the acceleration we want.

Personally, I hated trying to drive with inability to do fine control with a gamepad, where as I loved being able to have the fine control at a low speed with a joystick. On the other hand, I can see why some people prefer having it, so I say leave it to the drivers (and usually my opinions prove true, but not always, for example a well tuned PID elevator is superior on a controller than a joystick).

For this season, driver will be on a logitech, and operator will use a guitar hero controller.

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