Types of robot

Heyo all,

As some (if any) might remember, about this time last year I posted a survey asking what you and your teams are building this year in regards to strategy. of course I’m not looking to steal any ideas or anything, just trying to get an idea of what an average competition qualification alliance would look like.

As far as my team is concerned, there are three major areas of the game. The gears, climbing and shooting. We figure most if not all teams will be able to achieve at least one of these however the option for a low effeciency dumper is available. there is also an option for you to pick which two or even three your team would like to accomplish this year. Please offer any suggestions on modifications to be made to this survey for this year and the coming years.

Thank You,
Graham Cochrane

Climber and gears are our top priorities; that’s what I checked. We may add a low goal dumper/feeder to a shooter -or- a gear pickup once we have those first two working reliably.