Typical Minibot Components?

What are the typical components used to build a minibot (and what parts are usually used for the KOP)? I just want to make sure what we’re going to use is allowed.

You can only use the materials listed in <R92> for your MINIBOT.

Is there a place to purchase these components? Did any of them come in the KOP?

FTC parts were in FIRST Choice. Otherwise, check the catalog linked to in <R92>. Other than that, you’re on your own for those parts, as none of them came in the main KOP. Places to purchase would include a lot of the places that you got other parts from: McMaster Carr, Home Depot/Lows/other similar stores, plastics distributors…

Is there any way to still get a FIRST Choice kit anywhere?

FIRST Choice ended in mid-January.

Nope, FIRST Choice closed weeks ago and was all out of those when it closed.

However, for FTC parts that are legal, take a look at http://usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FRC/Game_and_Season__Info/2011_Assets/Approved%20Tetrix%20Parts.pdf

Then you have to get them from the site for that. (What the site to get those things is, I’m not entirely sure.)

Is there any sort of typical bundle of Tetrix parts for a minibot we could purchase?

Check here for more discussion on ordering parts.
When you get to the site mentioned in that thread, you can find the set W731900. Listed at $200 to which you have to add shipping tax etc. That set looks like the hardware supplied in first choice (now expired) option with the exception that it does not include battery, charger, motors, mounts, or switch components. You would have to itemize those items separately to get a workable basis for minibot building.

You could go with the horrendously expensive TETRIX® Education Base Set (W739143) listed at $626. However, that set contains controllers and servos generally thought to be unnecessary for minibots by many posters here on CD. And not as many mechanical bits and pieces as the resource set noted above.

To any order with a motor you should consider the TETRIX® Thermal-Protected DC Motor Power Cable (W736465) to avert the widespread motor failures reported here on CD.


Does anyone know as to whether we can use technic parts from lego, if not these mounts for nxt bricks to tetrix parts are of no use now.

Are any listed in <R92>?

I don’t see any either. Therefore, not legal to use LEGO Technic parts.

The parts that came in the first choice kit, and many of the legal parts, are part of the Tetrix system. parts for this can be found here