Tytus has become famous

Well i was watching MADE on Mtv and i caught a glimpse of somoene i knew. Its CD’s one and Only Tytus Gerrish.


I Know this kid! I need a autograph now!
Tytus i am a certified Security Guard, If you need a body guard i am here! :cool:

Now ask the question…Who is cooler Tytus or Arefin?
Hmm i think the picture speaks for itself

P.S. You see mozilla and IE. Mtv’s website only works on IE, grrrrr

I saw this MADE the other night, and I think i saw 2 of the other team members in the background at the prom. I was like “Woah, There’s Swampthing!”

Ya i didnt watch that much of it, i Just caught the part with Tytus and it made my life complete lol

Are you sure that’s Tytus?

I mean, the guy’s not wearing a robotics shirt! When have you ever seen Tytus without one robotics shirt or another on? :smiley:

That blue shirt underneath could be a SPAM shirt. :wink:

I can bet that is a S.P.A.M. shirt. :slight_smile:

As far as being cooler… I would be glad to hear that he is cooler than I am. After all, He is my best buddy.

hey im the first one to see him haha wednesday night i was wating that episode of made and i almost died trying to get to the computer to ask him. ask arefin he didnt belive me that it was him hahaha

Tytus Gerrish = the new Andy Baker?

yes its me Who else would have the old planet gears from the drill transmitions hanging on his ID. They filmed Made at Inlet frove this year. everyday you couldnt walk through my school without seeing the mtv people. didn’t think much of them while were there tho its like they were just part of the scenery

tytus is already famous in my books…but possibly even more which of course is cool…

now tytus…don’t forget about us when you make the big bucks :wink:

Ah! No way! Has anyone ever seen Matt Roberts? One of the guitarists for 3 Doors Down. I immediately thought of Tytus when I first saw him Tuesday night at the concert (which was glorious btw). In fact, I’m going to look like him someday. I think tomorrow. Except Tytus is missing the awesome pointy goatee and long hair. Although they dont really look similar with that picture above… maybe the one where Tytus is in the car was the one I was thinking of. Maybe.

I just saw Tytus on TV!!!

But the true question…Tytus, did you vote for her?

Hehe! Ty’s on MTVVVVVVV… Lol, Ty, you seem so sincere and caring

If you did vote for her… how much did you get paid to vote for her? :stuck_out_tongue:

…and to think I was trying to find people to sign my shirt… :stuck_out_tongue:

voting was mysterysely done on a day in witch most of the seinors were not present including me. but if i had voted i would have voted for shane because she’s nice and my friend and part of the hardcore drafting class

The people who been Made always win. You think MTV was going to back a loser? The fix was in.

Now if MTV had a made where the school’s top jock wanted to drive a FIRST’s teams robot to victory now that would be a good one.