Tytus wants to be a Canadian

Our Tytus wants to be Canadian

… this was on the way back from IRI.

That’s just amazing. If I were to even attempt to do that while driving I’d be dead. But then Tytus has done some crazy things while driving. Perhaps a Tytus vs Karthik super sing off (complete with dancing and KK eating) ?

You realize Bon Jovi is from Jersey, and not Canada right?? LOL I don’t get the Canadian reference.

If he was singing Michael Bolton, or Celine Dion or even Avril Livigne I would see the connection.

I think it has to do with how badly Canadians sing; as we witnessed at the IRI talent show…
Karthik: “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I’ll love ya tomorrow!” :wink:

Another reason you shouldn’t have missed IRI.

…wow umm i see a poll…Karthik vs. Tytus…or IRI idol next year or something of the sort :rolleyes:

I would so love to see that as a spinoff of the talent show.

48’s “You’ve Lost that Runnin’ Feelin” from IRI 2004 (which I think I will post online since youtube and all those other video serving sites have popped up) vs. 1114’s “Tomorrow” vs. Tytus’ Bon Jovi. I wonder who would “win”…

1114 has lowered the bar to a new all time low. 48 vows to exceed their level of cheese next year. We’ll make yer ears bleed.

aww! i miss you tytus! if you want to be canadian go for it!
i’m glad you had fun at iri. and funny enough we are listening to that song right now in the room i’m in.

LMAO, is he auditioning for that show Motormouth? :wink:

Did he know you were recording him? Or was this a case of a “hidden camera”?

He thought I was taking pictures. After I took the video I showed it to him, he started laughing.

Wow. kinda calls out the need to fly next year