UberBots (1124) Hybrid Mode

Our team did a lot of hybrid mode testing over the course of the day, and we wanted to share some of the results with the Chief Delphi community:

  • Our best few runs knocked both trackballs off the overpass (one on each side), and completed a lap (crossing 4 lines) in the 15 seconds. That’s 32 points of hybrid mode scoring
  • Consistently knocks the first trackball off the overpass in 3.2 seconds or less.
  • Consistently can complete one lap around the track (crosses 4 lines) in 15 seconds.

I’m sure some people want to see a video, but we didn’t have a camera with us tonight. We’ll film it sometime over the course of this week and post a link to the video once we have one.

I’m sure you guys will have an amazing auto mode like last year. I’ll definitely be looking out for this one…

Isn’t it tools/laptops down?

Cool! Can’t wait to see the video. Do you use the IR remote?

Did you put any other robots/obstructions on the field while testing?

Sounds great!


A new FIX-IT WINDOW opened on Thursday morning.

We never actually tested our hybrid after they wrote the code for it- we were basically not able to get into our practice facility for a week. So today we ran it over, and over, and over, and found out that it worked consistently.

Technically yes, however some teams make practice robots that they work on. I dont know if working on autonomous mode now is legal though. The fix it windows are designed to give teams a chance to make spare parts, not to develop software, or robot parts. I think this makes ship date pointless. The teams with more resources have an advantage over the teams with less resources, because most teams couldnt afford to build a second robot. I think this gives teams an unfair advantage, where the point of ship date is so everyone stops working on the robot, which clearly doesnt happen.

We use the IR remote to tell the robot which position the ball is in on the overpass.

We had our 2007 robot on the field (accidentally) during some of the tests- we hit the corner of it a few times. We also had some unintentional human traffic… but they jumped out of the way.

Yeah, we built two identical robots before ship, and we’ve been using the second bot to train our drivers at the game. It’s not like we’re developing a new robot, though, and we’re going to rebuild on Thursday of regionals… I wouldn’t consider this to be “violating” the principle of ship day.

Thanks! (on the behalf of our programmers… all I did was nag them for six weeks to make an awesome hybrid mode). I was going to ask if you’ll be at the Connecticut Regional with us… but then I saw you’re attending the Silicon Valley Regional. I don’t know if you can be in California and Connecticut at the same time.

It is still giving your team an advantage over others, which I really dont like, but it is legal. I cant speak for other teams, but I know our team had all of 2-3 hours of practice with the real robot. If we could build a 2nd robot, we would be able to get alot more practice, but the fact is we cant. No, you arent violating the principal of ship, but what if someone doesn’t just settle with driver training. FIRST would never know. I personally think its an unfair advantage, however a 2nd bot is legal.

Yeah, I agree with what you’re getting at. The whole purpose of the second robot is to make the drivers better, which is definitely an advantage.

I know and respect the six weeks of build time, which is why i made sure that all the code was done beforehand. Now all we are doing is tweaking variables in our fixit window, which probably arent the right tuning values for the real robot anyway.

Like last year- the robot worked perfectly on the practice field, but not at the regional. When you put in the “wrong” values, it worked again.