Ubergeeks website

I would like invite everyone to go to http://www.firstubergeeks.com

We are currently updating out scouting data for this years game and we will be uploading pictures of our new robot tommorrow (without some attachments). Please let us know what works and what is broken. There is also a link section that I would like for all of you to insert any links that you think might be helpful.

Thanks Ubergeeks

I know that the info I looked up for my team was for last year - re: not going to NYC this year!

Yes. The scouting data will be updated tommorrow.

Pictures are uploaded now… updating is coming along well…

Come along for the ride to the Übergeeks website… see what we are up to and tell us if we should change anything. PLEASE… lol. Tell us what ya think…


the scouting database is well laid out, although a listing of teams that have submitted info would be nice (instead of just a search function)

we are currently working on that … so much stuff going on and then we have two regionals coming up as well… MAD CRAZINESS… thnx for the feedback though