Ubertube question

Our team is wondering what happens when the Autonomous period ends and you still have an ubertube. We understand it is of no value but we are wondering where it goes. Is it kept on the gound or removed from play?

it is not removed from play, it remains on the field, and you’re allowed to carry and possess it and move it around the field but scoring it is not allowed.

Okay thanks

I also believe that if an ubertube is on the peg but not scored the ref will remove it from the bots grip and put it on the ground like they did in 07.

The refs will enter the field, and approach a live robot DURING a match?

In '07, the refs did enter the field and removed (sometimes forcefully!) the keepers that weren’t in scoring position. To do this safely, there was a delay between the autonomous and teleop portions of the game.

It took at most 15 seconds to remove the dead keepers, even when they had to cut / deflate them to get them away from the more secure grabbers. It barely affected the time of the matches.

My guess is that you will see similar steps.

Huh, seems a bit drastic. What was the reasoning behind it? Why couldn’t the drivers just drop the tubes after autonomous?

If the tube was on the peg but still in the robots control at the end of auton. Once teleop would start if the bot just released the tube it would score. To prevent that from happening they removed the tube from the robots grasp

Ah, okay, that makes more sense. Thanks.

This was being discussed in a previous thread (after the first few posts). http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88375

Relevant quote below:

The refs will not remove the Ubertubes from play after Auto, teleop will continue as normal, and scored Ubertubes in Teleop will follow scoring rules according to <G16>.

However, something that isn’t clear, is that <G16> states that a penalty will be given for scoring an Ubertube during teleop, but it doesn’t say anything about it’s respective doubling power being negated. Interesting.


<G16> specifically disallows hanging of ubertubes during teleop. I interpret this to mean that they will not be scored, nor would they provide a bonus, even if you do choose to hang them anyway (and recieve the penalty).