Ubertube Starting Position?

G06: Each ROBOT must be in contact with one UBERTUBE. No more than one ROBOT may be contacting an UBERTUBE.

My question is, would the bumpers be considered a part of the robot?

Since bumpers are considered to be attached to the exterior of the HOSTBOT, and the ROBOT is defined as HOSTBOT + MINIBOT.

So then the HOSTBOT is not defined with the bumpers, so therefore if you were to place the ubertube on the ground and having it touch the bumpers it would be illegal?


trying to cap your teammate’s ubertubes? :slight_smile:

Someone else asked me this same question on Saturday. My guess would be yes, by definition, the bumper counts. But this would be a good one for the q&a. Also, if you intend to pick up others unrefined (which would be impressive) be careful to only contact one at a time.

If I recall correctly there was a team that successfully built a robot that could score two keepers in autonomous in the 2007 game. I can’t remember which team it was though, and as you said it was VERY impressive.:eek:

The ROBOT includes both the HOSTBOT and the MINIBOT. Since the BUMPERS are part of the HOSTBOT, they are part of the ROBOT. BUMPERS are excluded for size and weight measurement purposes, but they are still part of the ROBOT.

That would be FIRST Team 910, Foley Freeze. They accomplished it in their last match at IRI.

Thank you that would have probably gone on to bug me the entire day. Huge props to team 910 for that.

Ah, excellent.

Thank You very much.

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