UberTubes Over The Enemy MiniBot Posts

Can you place your UBER-TUBES over the opponents MiniBot Posts to cause a bit of trouble for them because there are no specific RULES on this???

Did you really mean to say “enemy”?

  1. Please don’t call them “enemies”. “Opponents” will work just fine.

  2. I would be greatly surprised if you could physically do it. The dimensions give no tolerance.

  3. If I was a referee, I’d call that intentionally interfering with minibot deployment. That penalty is a red card.

We’ve discussed this before, incidentally.

I would put this in the “gracious professionalism” category.

It would be prohibited per rule <G24>:

*The opposing ALLIANCE may not interfere with the DEPLOYMENT or climbing of a MINIBOT. Violation: RED CARD

Interference by an ALLIANCE refers to any action taken by that ALLIANCE that results in disruption of the MINIBOT‟s progress. This may include, but is not limited to,
a) throwing a GAME PIECE at the MINIBOT/TOWER,
b) driving a ROBOT or GAME PIECE into the TOWER, or
c) directly contacting the MINIBOT or TOWER.*

Enemy, Skynet? Oh no!

Sorry it’s my rookie year and I was in a rush and lacking caffeine.

Please forgive me it’s my rookie year and I’m lacking caffiene.

That RULE G24 only applies to the end game (final part). If you put the uber tube on the tower before that part of the game would it be legal???

Only the GDC can say for sure, but my guess is no.

Even if you create the interference before the END GAME, the fact remains that you will be interfering with the MINIBOT during the END GAME.

So I would say, no it is probably not legal.

Focus your time on out scoring them!