Ubuntu 10.04: Anyone else tried it yet?

I’m in the middle of downloading it, and wondering if anyone else has played with it yet.

I dug it for a bit, but it was still unstable for me, so I’ve moved to Crunchbang for the meantime.

Im still running 8.04 right now… too lazy to update…

woo crunchbang! :slight_smile: I’m running crunchbang on my eeePc 701 and Dell Latitude X1.

thought it’s based on ubuntu, the openbox window system makes everything very different, and some things are just broken beyond easy repair (no GUI)… like sound and keyboard layout (which I need for hebrew).

I fixed keyboard layouts with an autostart script but sound is still an issue.

How do you feel in the non-gui environment? right now gnome feels like a full day spa when I use (constantly pampered with GUIs and shiny buttons :slight_smile: )… :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly use it for my web development work (it’s convenient to have shell scripts watching my folder and auto-pushing it to my ftp whenever i save changes…), so I haven’t run into anything major that a GUI would do better.

I’m also REALLY liking the run speed of openbox vs GNOME.

Kind of behind a bit, eh?

I updated my Ubuntu VM with 10.4 last night. Haven’t much time to play around with it though.


I used to have 8.04 running on my old machine (It booted up 2 minutes faster than windows) but I haven’t got around to installing Linux on my new machine.

I want to have a look at Fedora again (haven’t used it for three years) but I’ll only be able to get around to that once I can find a month with enough bandwidth left (can’t suck uni’s wi-fi anymore).