Ubuntu Archives Repository

I’m sure it’s mostly attributed to the release of 8.04, but is anyone else having trouble getting the package list from us.archives.ubuntu.org? All the others are working just fine and dandy. Also, any chance somebody has a mirror URL?

I can’t wait to finally download the update.

I beat the rush and updated to 8.04 yesterday, but I did download an update from there earlier today and it took awhile. It’s pretty bogged down right now. I would just wait it out.

But if you need it now goto synpatic->settings->repos and then change where your getting it from with the download here flip down menu.

It’s probably just the release day rush, although I’ve had issues all week.
The United States kernel.org mirror is working well for me. (mirrors.us.kernel.org/ubuntu)

I’m installing Hardy Heron right now, but I talked to someone on another local team and he was having this problem. I assume the server is just temporarily down.

Thought so. It’s doing better now, currently capping out at 50 Kbps. I’ve never usually updated during release day, so this experience is new to me. I was having trouble earlier in the week, though.