Ubuntu Linux...

I searched for threads that discussed this, and I found none, except for those that suggested a linux distro or something along that line.

Curiously though, who’s using it? And… is there a cool app or tweak you would like to recommend to other Ubuntu users?


I tried a few flavors of Linux. DSL (D*** Small Linux–I’ll keep it G rated), Ubuntu, and SuSE. I liked the idea of a distro so small it would fit on a flash drive. However, I gave up for a few reasons: I couldn’t figure out how the directory structure works. /home and /bin are a bit different from c:… Also, I couldn’t figure out how to mount my flash drive without a GUI. I don’t want to use the GUI; I want to know how the command-line works. Which brings me to another reason: I have no idea what is there for me to use on the command line. Also, my wireless drivers need to be compiled, and wireless support in Linux is a little less than pretty.

And I like programming, and I program in Visual Basic 6 usually whenever I need a GUI. I don’t really know what I am doing when I try to code in C++ with a GUI.

It’s pretty funny, looking at the differences between Windows and Linux. I remember looking at wireless drivers for my old machine, and just about having a heart attack when I read that I needed to recompile my kernel to use them. That sounded scary.

I really should give Linux another try, but at the moment, I don’t feel like rebuilding the disk image of my computer. I have it just about where I like it, and I don’t feel like reinstalling everything I’ve built up over six months.

So no, I don’t use Linux, and I don’t have any direct plans to use Ubuntu, but I am not closed-minded about it.


I just got an old computer from a friend and plan on installing Ubuntu on it tomorrow…

Ubuntu is probally one of my favorite linux distro’s next to Suse but ive been running linux on and off for about 3 years now If you just want to play around look for the simply mepis live cd