UC Davis Robots

I like how a 100 vs 114 debate evolved out of this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to see us duke it out, and you missed SVR, I can guarantee we will be against them in the first qualifying match of Davis, because the new and not-so-improved algorithm dictates the two lowest team numbers will be against each other in the first match. Last time we were pitched against each other, the rack was almost full by the end, and a spoiler was even used! By far the most offensive and fun match I have ever seen. Can’t wait to do it again at Davis!

Yeah. You win on that one. Here’s looking forward to Davis!

Didn’t miss it, just want to be able to throw popcorn at both teams later. Kidding, you’re both awesome :wink: .


We did not make it to PNW… it conflicted with a VEX/FLL tourney that weekend… i cancelled… and signed up for Davis… long ago! Davis will be our only venue this year… unless…:rolleyes:

We have rebounded well from our rookie season last year. We have an unfinished robot that sits in a crate. i posted on that topic earlier in this forum.

I mentioned earlier that i may need some help programming our bot upon arrival. I don’t have much in the name of a programming dept. for our team. is there anyone that will help if i am in a pinch??? :confused: … we are using “easy c”.

As for our BOT… it has the potential of hanging some tubes… we’ll see if we can unleash that potential! It doesn’t have ramps.

Good luck to all… and we’ll see you soon!

A.J. Dahlberg
TEAM 1960
Darby, MT

I’m sure our programmer wouldn’t mind helping you out there, assuming he has time. I’ll ask him next time he comes online. But in case I forget (which I most likely will…) Just drop by our pit, and we’ll help out in any way we can.

I made amendments to the post above, sorry for missing that, must have slipped my mid when i was trying to fill out the rest of the info.
thanks for correcting my error :slight_smile:

and on the topic of programming, I PMed someone from your team who posted earlier offering our programmers assistance and said that if you still needed it we would stop by first thing on Thursday and say “hi.” I already asked him and he is more then willing to help.

LOL that was a fun match! when i saw you with that spoiler i wen’t sraight after you! I was like a bull… but with black lol.

reports from the front lines say team 1351 will have their arm working for davis :slight_smile: so we should do better this time

I’ll try to get a pictue of each robot today for Kevin to put on the project1726.org page

see y’all soon!

Just letting all the scouts know that today 766 has finally finished prgramming and can now score on all three levels. We also score much more quickly as now the box pperator and my self have gotten used to our new presets so we should score 4-5 defended, and 6-7 undefended. Any more questions about the bot just ask me in the pits. I am the one with our OI usually.

the first round of fuzzy indistinct pictures of all the robots is up on my page somewhere…


have fun! if I got any wrong, please let me know

(look for the guy with the wierd watch)

Thank you! Now when I send scouts out with cameras and they get a shot without a team number I can see who it is!