UCF regional 2004 update

Welll, we are here. We had a good day or practice alot of teams working and alot of team kinda. This is going to be one of the strong regionals this year. few robots looking good 21, 1083, 108, 179, etc. Hope people watch the webcast. Since we didnt have a “offical” social 1083 held a unoffical social at the bowling alley it was great fun thanks george for that. We are gonnna get some pics up from that soon so stay posted. I will keep a update on this thread

any pics from the competition? the webcast quality was ok, but that still doesn’t really cut it for me

I didn’t have my camera out today really… I just handed the camera around at the “social” to take pictures tonight, I’ll post those tonight if I have the energy, otherwise tommorow night. Again… excellent job to team 1083 for a well put-together unofficial social. I’m excited for tommorow, some nice looking robots out there. Good luck to all!

i’d like to thank everyone for comeing to social it was awesome meeting all of the faces behind the names. also i would like to wish everyone a good luck in tommorows rounds.

Are those cowboy hats I see on 710’s drive team?

/me is still watching the webcast…

Oh, and I wasn’t watching earlier, so uh, what was our team DQed for in match 14?

what was with the match where no red robots were on the field…

Aw man! Poor Heatwave!
I hope they can fix their robot. :frowning:

OMG… 179 is AWESOME. i am watching the webcast… i think it was match 71 or something but they ruled!

swap was doing nicely the 2 matches i saw 1 they hung the other they got both 2x’s capped… i hope to see them at nats… =D and congrats to 945 for being in the lead

i just got a call from steve, and since the broken peice was only PVC, they should be done fixing it well before the pits close tonight.

UCF Florida Regional Awards 3-12-04

Imagery Award - 233 - Think Pink!
Leadership in Control Award - 386 - Team Voltage
Xerox Creativity Award – 267 - Demolition Squad
Delphi Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award - 945 - Element 945
Daimler-Chrysler Spirit Award - 79 - The Navigators
Judges Award - 61 - The Intimidators
Rookie Inspiration Award - 1402 - Freedom Patriots

Woodie Flowers Award - Team 108’s Ken Ardizzone

Congratulations everyone!!

Today (Friday) was a crazy day - the game just got more brutal as the day progressed. For those who don’t know, you can find the (unofficial) rankings as of the end of Friday on www.soap108.com - it’s under “events” or some such link like that. These probably aren’t perfectly accurate, so take them with a grain of salt.

It is just going to get worse tomorrow, especially during the elimination rounds.

Yea, I agree… it was really bugging me. Our robot turned into a punching bag pretty much because of it’s catching ability, teams were ramming us really hard and broke quite a few things.

Yeah, ComBBAT was taking a beating - they really didn’t like your basket, and felt a need to really mess it up. I saw you just had to retract it to protect it near the end of some rounds. Now, if that’s what it was like during qualification matches…just imagine what the finals are going to be like. It’ll be like last year all over again - except with giant towers and mighty hooks and arms.

I understand that yea, you wanna stop us from catching the balls… but yea… it’s kind’ve annoying in the pits to work on that. However, we have come up with a better way for our next regional to stop that. But yea, for finals… I pray that we are chosen by a team that can knock off the 10 point ball in autonomous, or else just… it’ll hurt. However, today we’ve had no teams that can hit that 10 pt. ball which causes a problem, if we had that… we’d be good. We’ll have our rollers working tommorow morning efficiently to get all those balls out (we’ve had a binding problem, we couldn’t test it before shipping cause they sent us the wrong balls and all which caused all these binding problems)

Yeah, I’ll be glad to see you guys running at full power, so to speak. I really want to see a human player get a chance to fire 16-18 balls in succession. Regardless, you have had pretty poor luck with your partner’s autonomous (spelling?) modes, but that’s just luck of the draw. If you guys get that ejection mechanism fixed, you’ll be golden.

On a side note, wasn’t it kinda interesting that they stopped projecting the rankings after mid-day? Soap108 has the unoffical ones, but do you know anything about what happened to the official rankings?

A problem occured with displaying them at mid-day. Whenever they tried getting it up to display it errord and restarted. So they had to shut it off for the day, but the ones on Soap108’s website are correct. FIRST is working on a patch this evening up in NH and is uploading it to the regional tommorow morning so it’ll be working again tommorow.

Alright, we’ve made it to the last day of competition - good luck to all teams!

ya it was like indiana jones hat,sorry didnt reply earlier my laptop broke at competiton ya but we changed i wore all different kinds of hats and i had zip ties in my hair on friday