UCF wrap up

well, first i will start using commas and such not so people can understand. Overall UCF was great. i love being at the campus for many reasons. One is that its inside alot of you remeber how at nasa was outside and the pits where basically outside and it was sooo hot. Well all the teams performed excellent. are robot did great we performed well we only lost two matches cause the teams we where with wernet worlking we where like one of the only teams to stack and that was me working the arm :slight_smile: and we finished 3rd overall. we got a great alliance one that we all wanted it was like the ultimate team, 710(us, paw), 267(demolition squad), 312(heatwave).

we one the quarter finals big. And at the semifinals just some wrong descions and we lost but are team good of gone all the way but are partners where great congrads to all and the winning alliance. But overall great time. i love all the teams there like spam and combat, demoliton squad is my favorite team out of all cause they are a sister team and great friends. I hope everone enjoyed

Ah, the magic punctuation! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I’m glad you enjoyed UTC. And congrats on being 3rd seed. It’s a major rush of adrenalin being in the top 8.

Combbat would like to thank everyone who was at UCF, it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of good teams and good spirit. Hope to see all of you guys at nationals and congrats to everyone, it seems everyone there excelled is some way and stood out, no one went unnoticed

Yeah being top 8 was great and a first for us, the best we’ve done yet, and with rookie drivers it was a big rush especially winning match 101 against 147 and 1065 it was amazing match that secured us in top 4… some major technically difficulties kept us from really doing as well as we’d wanted in the finals but WE congrat 212 and its team for winning a hard faught match, and thanking 267 and 312 for joining with us

Now we can only hope for a spot to open up at nats so we can make it… We would hate it for our season to be over so early

Team 762 would also like to say that everyone did a fantastic job in the regionals and we are VERY proud to have made it into the top seeding match for our first year (messed up in registration so we aren’t labled as a “rookie” team) I would like to thank 147 and 6 for being our alliance in the finals and sorry we didn’t win the semi finals. I would also like to congratulate the winners on a job well done, there were some very good robots out there today

I just got back from UCF. I agree the venue is great for the competition. I hope next year they can get another tent and maybe give us a little more room in the pits, but overall, it was excellent.

I want to thank 710 and 312 for picking us. We had some mechanical issues early and were worried nobody would pick us. We got everything fixed by the finals thanks to some help from SPAM 180. You guys ROCK!

PAW, you guys earned your spot in the top 8 this year. Awesome bot and great driving.

Heatwave, as usual, your bot is HOT! Nobody hits that wall like you guys do.

We had a great alliance, but sometimes the cards don’t fall your way… or should I say totes?

Anyway, I had a blast.

Well we must have been one of the smallest teams there. It was mad fun though! UCF competition is the first to have all 4 robots on a ramp at the end of a match. UCF also has the teams who have made the Highest QP score in the nation. 845 Cutting Edge(us) and 654 Maclay Robotics, scored a whomping total of 383 QPs. We had a good strong robot that placed 16. A big Jump considering we had a little bad luck to start off (at one point we were in 31), but we came back at the end. We look forward to next year. Only regret is that we cant afford another regional/nats.

SPAM robotics Rules! “S-P-A-M Spam Spam Spam!”
“Who dat BBat? ComBBat!”
Maclay Robotics rocks!
Heatwave is hott stuff
The Burning Magnetos you rule.
1144 Go guys, you look like you’ll go far in the future!

SPAM: “We got spirit yes we do! We got spirit, how about you?”
Cutting Edge: “We got spirit yes we do! We got spirit, how about you?”

Ah, losing your voice while screaming for your team. Is anything better?

Yeah, UCF was a great venue. It had a pretty nice amount of room, although that top area had some uncomfortable seats. Our team really has to thank team 212 RACE for picking us. None of us thought anybody would pick us in general, let alone a first round pick. Thanks 212!

The only problem with and otherwise great venue was the was outside pit tent. Extreme heat (or cold if you were next to the AC) a leaking tent ( at one point it was leaking directly onto our robot) and a heavily slanted floor did not make it a comfortable or safe work enviroment. I would like to see the extra pit tent moved out into the paved parking lot area. It was superior to KSC in many ways, especially visibility.

UCF was definitely a blast this year, congrats to all teams competing.

UCF regionals ROCKED!

Congrats to all teams.
Excellent Job Finalists and Champions
Spcial Congrats to Team RACE 212, Thanks for helping us out at the beginning of building season.

Hope to see everyone a nationals!


On behalf of Team 6, I’d like to thank 762 for ignoring our awful rounds on Friday (ranked 40th out of 41 at the end of the day) and picking us for their alliance with 147.

Also, thanks to everyone who offered sympathy/help relating to the water and any other technical misfortunes we had.

Thanks again 762 and 147!


*Originally posted by JosephM *
**It’s a major rush of adrenalin being in the top 8. **

It’s an even bigger rush being in last place and being picked for the 1st alliance, with the 1st and 2nd seed!!

Thanks 762, and 147!

Thanks for all of the praise, there were some amazing robots out there, our fenders didnt come away as pretty as they came in!

Hey all! This is the base driver from team 233 (go PINK!!!). I just wanted to say that UCF was friggin’ awesome. WE were up against some crazy good competition. And finals was just insane. Congrats to the 212 alliance on a well played set of matches (we will have a fresh battery at Nationals).

I was wondering though, what did people think of the “social” on Firday? Good, bad, boring, awesome?

Finally, I am still happiest with our high score of the day (I think its still the highest unadjusted score in the nation) of 233 points… scored just for our team :smiley: .

Hope to see you all at Nationals!

Finally, I am still happiest with our high score of the day (I think its still the highest unadjusted score in the nation) of 233 points… scored just for our team

We were good as partners both times.

Too bad what happen at the last match we played you. That would of been the High QP score. :confused:

The social wasnt a big deal, our team left early anyway cause we were headed to disneyquest that night. Basically we all grabbed a bite to eat and left.

I don’t know much about the social, I was only able to eat, go on the bounce-thingy, and lecture DDR players (“video games are supposed to be violent!”)
I would have done more, but our chaperones made us leave at 7:30!

I liked the team social it was much better than the parties in the past, i liked getting good food and being able to pick. Also it was nice cause u could just chillax and not worry about booming music. We left at 730 too we spent most of the time in line after eating to get our tub of icecream(it was aloooot of icecram) woo hoo for UCF bucks!

did anyone else notice the jump in prices?
price of 6 inch turkey sub before ucf bucks distibution=$2.89
price of 6 inch turkey sub after ucf bucks distibution=$5.25