UDF for Tetrix Hole Pattern

So one of the things that I absolutely hate about designing for FTC is creating the Tetrix hole pattern-- because I design all my parts in Creo Standard (inches, pounds, etc), and the Tetrix Pattern is in millimeters. As this is annoying to me (funny enough, converting between Imperial and SI is something I don’t feel like doing every time I create a hole pattern), I created a UDF for the Tetrix hole pattern.

It takes an input for a surface and axis for a center hole, and axes for the hole circle.

Hopefully someone else can find it useful!

Here’s a Google Drive download.

Pitsco is a supplier at www.3DContentCentral.com. Search Tetrix.
You can download in any file format ProE, SolidWorks and many other formats. There are at least 50 models. Might save you some time. Marie

I’m aware-- and PTC has kindly provided models of the Tetrix KoP on their site. I created this specifically for designing custom parts-- like flag raisers and claws and such, which I do relatively often because the teams I work with have two in-house 3D printers.

Still, lots of nice models on 3DContentCentral-- I must confess, I never thought to look for FTC parts on there before! Thank you.

Square holes are a challenge. Reference Axes are your friends. I also used a width mate and a lot of symmetry.

A few years ago I worked with Pitsco on some of the Tetrix parts with SolidWorks. Cool robot kit.

Thank you for sharing about custom game pieces. Marie